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10 Dog Party Cakes that Will Make You Smile and provide inspiration for your next dog party

Celebrating our dogs is what we do everyday with our love and attention but every now again it is time to take it to the next level with an epic dog party complete with decorations, photo booth props and dog cakes and treats of course!  Plus dog birthday party games (check out our dog party printable games)


These dog lovers seriously went all out for their dog parties and it made us smile.  

@pawcakescookies_bykaliah is obviously a professional so there is some serious inspiration there but you can see the love in each creation.  

Dog birthday cake that is pink and blue icing with dog bones around the edges.
  • @mia_larger_than_life went for the pink themed with more frosting than most but the pics of her licking her lips at her cake show why!
Black dog at a dog birthday party behind a white cake.
  • @petpartyaus is another professional but the fruit is a nice idea layered in the dog cookies.  Seems like it could be emulated by an amateur with some oversight.

Check out this dessert plate which is also a nice idea and makes for easy sharing with the dog guests with treats also from the @petpartyaus

@pawsoffthetable has some great inspo for dog party celebrations with ideas for Fourth of July and Dog Birthdays.  The cake they made for this 16 year old pup is as much to celebrate as turning 16 (and we know as we have a 16 year old Zooey!)

@pawsoffthetable also made this pizza dog cake which is ironic for any one that has had their pizza subject to a furry pizza thief.  All of their cakes are human grade so you can share in some of your dogs party cake too.

  • @gourmelpet has some seriously gorgeous cakes that should be checked out.  This one made for Hermione is a sight to see.
  • This dog cake for Pepita from @gourmelpet is too cute and imaginative.  

    • If you are looking for more inspiration to make your next dog party pawsome check out some of our printables and our easy dog cake recipes for easy dog cake icing and for easy healthy dog party cakes and treats  so you can focus on the dog party decorating and picture taking.