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12 Dog Instagram Bio Samples (Funny Dog Bio Inspiration)

Getting your dog’s Instagram and social media accounts set up to show your amazing adorable dog to the world is fun and exciting but also taxing on your creativity.  Your dog’s Instagram bio is an important part of the process of letting the world know how wonderful your adorable pup is and should reflect your dog and the amazing things that are to come (no pressure!)

Brown and white dog with a woman in pink colored glasses on the beach taking a selfie.

We are here to help with an excerpt of 12 Dog Instagram Bios from our book Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s the tongue-in-cheek guide to navigating life with your dog and all things dog social media.

Where Does Your Dog’s Bio Go on Instagram?

On Instagram your bio will go directly under your dogs picture profile.  Remember you are allowed one live link in your bio and to take advantage of this area people use Linktree to add more links off of the single link.  Remember also to insert contact info.  When your pup becomes instafamous future brands may need to contact you to for opportunities!  (See FAQs in Article How to Start an Instagram Account for My Dog where we answer how dogs make money on Instagram.)

A picture on a phone being held by a person with a close up of an Instagram account showing where your Instagram bio should go.

12 Instagram Bio Ideas for Inspiration (that we think are funny too!)

  • A taste of the good life.  This isn’t the full picture – the real thing is far better.
  • The toughest thing I’ve ever tried is to not pee on your lawn
  • Dog years are long . . . so I smile a lot
  • I like to have my puns created in the most pawsitive way (for some strange reason dog puns are really a thing see Pawsome Puns for All Occasions)
  • Life is too short to wear ugly collars
  • Single and ready to play chase with someone I find attractive
  • My relationship status?  Frisbees, the couch, and dog treats.
  • I enjoy everything like the way humans enjoy milk on billboards.
  • I don’t understand Instagram yet, or have thumbs, yet here I am.
  • I eat steak when I am upset
  • Height is 9″, but my personality is 6’1′
  • On a quest to remove every squeaker from dog toys

Other Dog Instagram Bio Tips

What does link in bio mean?

  • Most social media platforms like Instagram do not allow links in a post. The only place Instagram users (our dogs) may place a single link is within their profile’s bio.  So when you see link in bio in a post the poster is directing you to go to their bio to learn more from a clickable link.

How much text can I put in my dog’s Instagram bio?

  • Instagram allows for  150 character description that may include contact information or other relevant details about your dog.

What else can I put in bio?

  • Emoji’s can take the place of many words so you can meet the 150 character limit plus they can draw attention and add fun to your dog’s bio.  You can also add hashtags, and (with a bit of extra work) even line breaks to create a fun, readable bio that stands out.  Most do not recommend hashtags in a bio but there are competing opinions so you can just experiment.

Ho do I add a line break to my dog’s Instagram bio?

  • According to idownloadblog if you want to insert a line break in your Instagram profile bio, photo caption, or a comment, you will first have to type that text (line breaks included) in any text editor (I use the iOS Notes app) and then copy & paste that text into Instagram.
Light brown dog with a harness on walking the red carpet.
Have fun with your dog and Instagram and who knows where it will take you

Getting your dog set up on Instagram can be fun, don’t forget to enjoy it and reward the star of the show lots.  Use Instagram to add fun to life with your dog instead of to add additional pressure.

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