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20+ Dog Holiday Instagram Hashtags (Popular Dog Instagram Hashtags)

So, you have started your dog Instagram account and found the perfect dog Instagram bio. Now it is time to start posting the most fun dog content of the year!  This Holiday season there is no doubt you will be making memories with your dog and of course sharing them.

Dog sign hashtags dog bones and Christmas ornament ideas

Get discovered with popular dog holiday Hashtags when you post on Instagram so that you can grow your account and share your dog love with more dog lovers.  Having a proper dog holiday hashtag will propel your sharing this season.

Brow boxer dog with red antlers and a person taking a picture of him with a cell phone.
Propel your dog’ social media fame with Holiday Hashtags

Why to Use Hashtags With Your Dog Account On Instagram

According to the Social Media Examiner, the go to for marketing expertise, there are four primary reasons to use Hashtags with any account, including a dog account here is a quick summary that you may already be aware of:

1) Improve Your Dog’s Discovery

When you search for a hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see a page that with the content related to the searched hashtag and a featured a selection of top posts that have a ton of engagement.  Accordingly, if you include hashtags in your Dog Instagram content, it appears on relevant hashtag pages and when users search for the hashtags you use, they can easily discover your brand and your content.

2) Increase Your Dog’s Reach

Hashtag pages include follow buttons. Users who click or tap to follow a hashtag automatically see content featuring that keyword or phrase in their feeds.  By using a dog holiday focused hashtag you increase the chance of your dog’s content appearing in users’ feeds, even if they don’t follow your adorable pup yet!

3) Add Context to Your Dog Content

Even with the ability to put context in your captions it can still be challenging to specify exactly what your dog Instagram content is about. According to the Social Media Examiner, with hashtags, you can provide added context for your post that helps clarify the topic for users and tell the algorithm when it’s appropriate to deliver your content to feeds.  For instance, dog holiday Instagram content.

4) Promote Campaigns

Lastly, hashtags are ideal for promoting campaigns. With a unique campaign hashtag, you can draw attention to your brand’s initiative or event and keep track of all of the content created around it says Social Media Examiner, however, we are just having fun here but if we ever get enough followers for our dog account and choose to make money on Instagram with our dog with these ideas here, this may be important.

dark haired women in holiday pajamas holding her dog dressed in holiday pajamas too for a thanksgiving tradition
Preserve happy holiday memories with your dog and post and share!

Different Types of Dog Holiday Instagram Captions to Consider

You may be thinking that your dog holiday content just needs a cute dog holiday caption but there are other things to consider to make your dog holiday content discoverable with hashtags, here are some ideas:

  • If you take your dog to a festival or event use hashtags that promote happenings and holidays e.g #festivaloflights
  • Location hashtags that indicate where something is happening #dogholidaybazaaraustin
  • Daily hashtags that reflect themes like #twelvedaysofdoggiechristmas
  • If you are a dog groomer or pet service provider any hashtag that reflects your work with addition of the season #dogbehaviorist
  • Community hashtags that share information and amplify voices #rescueadog #rescuedogsrule
  • Descriptive hashtags that clarify the topic of the content #christmasdog
  • Dog hashtags that include a message or an inspirational statement
  • Dog slang terms that also describe your picture outside of the holidays like #tot for tongue out Tuesday or #boop, #floof #doggo and more!
  • Breed specific hashtags there are so many options available for breed specific hashtags (provided your dog is that breed!)

Dog Instagram Hashtag Strategy – How Many Hashtags to Use

There are various theories about Instagram hashtags which are very different from Tik Tok hashtags but ultimately the number of Hashtags you are allowed for a post depends on the Instagram content type feed posts and reels support 30 hashtags, while stories can include 10 hashtags.

Many dog lovers search the depths of their creativity to add as many hashtags as possible but accordingly to Social Media Examiner, a recent feed post by the official Instagram @creators account specifically recommends using three to five hashtags instead of adding 10 or 20 and they say it’s probably best to use the official advice from Instagram and keep hashtag usage to a minimum.

Always know that you can experiment.  You never know what strategy will work with the Instagram algorithm which changes in and of itself often.  You can measure the success of your hashtags by looking at where your views came from in insights to see if you are on the right track.

20 Dog Holiday Hashtags to for Posting this Holiday Season

In general it is suggested to not seek hashtags that are really large as you likely won’t get on the page anyway or it will be soon covered with other traffic and won’t lead to discovery, Social Media Examiner, like other experts instead, look for hashtags that are popular but not overly trendy.

You can do this says Social Media Examiner by prioritizing hashtags with 100,000 rather than 1 million Instagram posts to strike the ideal balance.  Many experts suggest selecting a mix of under 50k, 100k and 1mm.  The key will be testing different options to see what works the best for your account.

Dog holiday Instagram hashtags with medium following 50k – 100k























Dog Holiday Instagram Posting Tips

Here are some other tips that apply generally to your dog Instagram accounts as to dog holiday Instagram posting, keep these tips in mind before sharing your dog holiday memories:

  • Use Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your post.  Showing up in a hashtag feed about #petchristmas with no holiday festivities will not propel your post.
  • Switch up your hashtags, it can be fine to use other dog holiday posts or hashtag or creative inspo but switch it up and find those relevant to your post.  See these funny dogs on Instagram for some inspiration.
  • Use Hashtags in the caption in a readable way that adds to your caption and post.  You may want to add them in the language or place captions in the comments for a cleaner feed but it is about the user.  Put captions under your post and Instagram generally recommends not putting captions in comments.  Need caption ideas see this post for 33 Dog Caption Ideas.
  • Captions do not make your bio more searchable use the space to talk about your pup.  Get more bio pointers here.

Most of all have fun.  Enjoy preserving and sharing memories of your dog on Instagram but most of all reward the star of the show.

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Christmas Dog Hashtags FAQ

What hashtags are the most popular Christmas Dog Hashtags?

The most popular Christmas Dog hashtags are: #dogsofinstagram #christmasdog #dogchristmas
#dogchristmassweater #puppychristmas #dogstagram #dogholiday #christmaspuppy #doggychristmas #christmasdoggy

What are Santa Paws Dog Hashtags?

Here are some Santa Paws Dog Hashtags to use on social media #santapaws #santadog
#dogsofsanta #christmassanta #santadoggy #dogsinhats #dogswithsanta #santadogs #dogsantaclaus #santapuppy