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20 Dog Names for Beer Lovers

Getting creative with a dog name is always tough.  If you are a beer lover you have no doubt been searching for a great name for a dog that is inline with your love of beer.  We have amassed 20 true prospects for dog names for beer lovers, some of which are dog names after beer.  



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We have come up with these 20 dog names for beer lovers to give you a little inspiration.


Brewster.  Cute name reminiscent of beer and brewing. 

Weizen.  Type of beer glass for hefeweizen wheat type beer.

Pint.  The most ubiquitous type of beer glass that beer lovers are most familiar with.

Tulip.  Type of glass that shape reveals the aromas of beer.

Thistle.  Another type of beer glass.

Suds. Depending on the type and pour what could end up on your upper lip after a drink of your favorite beer.  

Craft. Ode to Craft brews.

Lager.  A German imported beer.

Sierra.  One of the two men associated with the birth of the craft beer industry Jim Koch and Ken Grossman aka Sierra and Sam.

Sam.  As the majority of beer lovers know, Sam Adams of the Boston Beer Company brewed a recipe of his great grandfather called Samuel Adams Boston Lager. 

Fritz (Maytag) birthed Anchor Brewing in 1965.

Anchor.  Renowned microbrew brand and one of the earliest.  

 Brewer.  Those that make the beer!

Vermont (or Monty).  Leads the nation in craft breweries (most Oregonians and Washingtonians may dispute this).

Malt.  Essential component of beer making.

Hops.  An essential of beer making along with water and yeast.

Marz.  Popular microbrew line with an extensive assortment of offerings.

O’Hara.  Known as one of the most popular Irish microbrews.

Bira.  Short for Bira 91 the Indian semi-microbrew that is taking the world by storm.

Molson.  Classic Canadian brand also dubbed the best beer for bodybuilders.  

I am sure there are many more dog beer names to add to this list.  If you have some additional ideas leave a comment below and we will add them to our list of 20 Dog Names for Beer Lovers.


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