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20 Dog Valentines Day Social Media Posts, Dog Puns and Captions

Although it seems we just navigated the ever-demanding winter Holidays it is now time to move into and start planning our Valentine’s Day! 

Golden retriever with a white snuggly with a Valentine's saying "you are golden."

No matter your position, human date, or significant other or not there is always a place in your Valentine’s Day celebration for your dog and you will need some cute Valentine’s Day social media posts, Valentine’s Day dog captions, and Valentine’s Day Dog puns to use as captions this Valentine’s Day.  

Valentines Dog Social Media Post Samples

So, here we go here are 20 sample dog Valentine’s Day posts that you can use for Inspo to create your own!

A classic “I dig you a whole lot”

Terrier brown and white digging on the beach with hearts and a saying "I did you a lot."
Brown dog with grey muzzle with a crown on his head and the saying "your the queen of my heart."
Brown dog in a lion costume with the saying "I'm not lion when I say you are mine."
Dog lying on his back beside a persons legs with black stockings and a cup of tea with a saying "you are my pup of tea."
Brown and white bulldog with mouth open looking into the camera.
Golden retriever in bed with a snuggly dog with the saying "you are golden."
Fawn pug being held by its owner while lying down with the Valentines saying "we just fit together."
Brown lab with a Valentine necklace that says love on it.

More Dog Valentine Captions and Dog Valentines Puns

I am not Lion Your Great!

I am so Ducky to know you

Woof You Be My Valentine

Don’t Bacon My Heart

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