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5 Funny Dog Accounts on Instagram That You Need to Follow

As a dog lovers you may think that your dog is the funniest out there but big dogs and small dogs are making people laugh all over the internet and especially on Instagram. A funny dog video has a way of capturing a pet personality like no other but Instagram reels or a good dog meme on a scroll captures my heart and my attention and many smiles.


1) @pups_lovers_

This account is full of dog memes that are actually funny. There are a lot of dog memes out there but not all are funny. Dog memes like this make funny dog videos not needed.


2) @openlygaypets

You may laugh or you may go awww since this account is just plain fun.


3) @openlygayanimals

If you love @openlygaypets then you will love its sister account. You won’t find stock photos here but a funny collection of random animals some of which are dogs that will make you laugh.


4) @petastronaut

Why is it that French Bulldogs are in most dog memes? Well they are here too, @petastronaut has some very funny memes that dog lovers are sure to love, some seem to reposts and many original and all funny.


5) @dogswithstuffedanimals

So cute, a different take but still full of funny faces that any dog owner will love dogs posing with their stuffed animals which are sometimes not just animals. Each dog photo is packed with creativity and great photography of dogs in the pose that likely took much patience.


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