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5 Top Pet Grooming Tips You Will Be Glad You Know to Groom Your Pet at Home

Pet Grooming is a big task, especially if you have a dog or cat that is nervous or doesn’t enjoy it. Most dogs need a regular visit to a groomer to keep them looking their best but if you cannot make it here are some helpful pet grooming tips to make grooming more enjoyable at home and to get the job done without a feature on our worst dog haircuts page.


#1 Top Pet Grooming Tip 

Where to Groom Your Pet; Pick the best place to groom your Pet

Top pet grooming tip, before going to groom, make sure you pick the best place to groom your pet where he can be relaxed with few distractions, contained, and free from stress. If your pet is afraid, it might be better for him or her to groom at home as long as you make it a positive experience.  

 Consider making the experience as calm and comfortable as possible and location helps.  An enclosed bathroom where you will not be chasing him around and getting everyone excited will be really helpful unless the bathroom has slippery floors that make him nervous. 


#2 Top Pet Grooming Tip 

 Get the Right Tools to Groom Your Pet

There are a host of tools available to make grooming your pet easier from different types of brushed to clipper blades to tick remover keys and of course one of our favorite tools, Calm CBD Hemp spray to keep your pet calm throughout the grooming process.  

Choosing the right dog brush is essential both for what you are trying to accomplish and your dog’s breed, which will usually dictate the type of coat that they have.  According to Hartz, a maker of dog brushes, there are four types of dog brushes, and different types of dogs require different types of brushes. A Poodle’s hair is different than a German Shepherds requiring a different type of brush.

When you use the right type of brush, your pet will most likely enjoy being groomed. If your pet is showing signs of pain or discomfort, you might be using the wrong kind of brush. On the other hand, If he is happy to sit in your lap and be groomed, you are probably on the right track.  

There are four primary types of dog brushes: slicker brushes, rakes, bristle and pin brushes and each one has a very specific job.  In addition, a flea comb is also helpful.

If you choose to venture into the world of clippers you will also need to consider what clippers and blades to select.  This can be very complicated but in general the higher the number of blade the shorter the cut here is a handy guide that will help you select the correct blade for your dog’s breed type.  

Scissors are important as well for trimming around eyes and cleaning up.  Any grooming kit will usually have a sharp pair included.  

Nail clippers are a necessary part of your dog grooming toolbox.  Smaller dog nails can simply use a nail file, larger nails will need a clipper or a Dremel tool to ensure that nails are clipped properly and in the most comfortable way for your pet.  


#3 Top Pet Grooming Tip Brush Your Pet Often and Before a Bath

One adage that does not apply to your pet’s coat is don’t do today what you can put off tomorrow.  Pet’s need to be brushed regularly.  Not only does this spare your furniture and clothes from excess hair, but it also helps your pet transition through the seasons, and helps to avoid matting.  

If you are planning to give your pet a bath brushing beforehand will make things a ton easier as when water hits the fur it will be more challenging to untangle.  


#4 Top Pet Grooming Tip 

Check for Fleas and Ticks

If you haven’t already, you should get your pets checked for fleas or do it yourself. Fleas and ticks cause great discomfort for pets and even if you regularly go to a groomer you will need to check for fleas and ticks more often than each visit.

Ticks tend to congregate under your pet’s arms, legs, and on ears.  You can check for ticks by running your hands all over your pet’s body.    But wait, you may wonder what do I do if I find a tick?  There are certain tools called tick keys or tick removers that can be used to remove them.  Whatever method you choose you do not want to leave any part of the tick in your pet and you want to remove it as soon as you find it.

Performing a check for fleas is also necessary.  Fleas tend to congregate on the rear of our pet.  You can rub a wet paper towel over the area and if there are small flecks then it may be indicative that your dog has fleas.  

#5 Top Pet Grooming Tip 

Maintain Pets Nails and Paw Pads

Trimming a pet’s nails is not most people’s favorite activity due to anxious and difficult dogs being nervous about trimming and people being nervous about hurting their dog.  Unfortunately, unless your dog is regularly running on pavement and basically trimming his own nails (which will likely cause other issues) he will need regular nail trims.  


It will be by far the easiest if you start handling your pet’s paws at a very young age.  Introducing them to the clippers with treats and rewards which will also distract them will be helpful along with selecting the correct trimmers to ensure the trimming is done efficiently and with most comfort for the pet is also a top grooming tip. 

After you complete the nail trimming you can rub some olive oil or coconut on their nails to keep them strong and healthy.  Coconut oil has the added benefit of being a natural antibacterial.


Tending to your pet’s paws is simpler than trimming nails and usually just requires an inspection to note any foreign objects or excessive dryness.  If you live in extreme conditions you can apply various paw protection in the form of oils or booties but for most pets, their paws will stay naturally healthy.

Bonus Pet Grooming Tip!

Any of these pet grooming tips will be far easier to accomplish with a cooperative pet.  A cooperative pet is usually a calm pet and Calm CBD Hemp spray is just the ticket.  Our innovative calming formula reduces pet anxiety in all sorts of situations and provides a sense of calm for pets including during grooming.  So if you are grooming yourself or heading to your pet groomer, Calm is one of the most important tools.  The mixture of CBD from hemp and calming terpenes helps pets stay calm with a few easy chicken-flavored sprays.  


All pets can be groomed if you take the time and effort. It’s good for your pet’s health, makes for great family time, and it’s good for your wallet. All that is required is the proper equipment and a basic knowledge of grooming techniques. By following these five pet grooming tips, you can have a happy dog or cat and save a lot of money on grooming supplies and grooming services.