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65+ Dog Slang Words and Terms: Doggo-speak of Dog Lovers

As I was researching Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s I noticed a certain set of dog slang words that were popularized by social media and seemingly only relative to dogs and dog lovers.  

A close up photo of the words slang with two brown and white cartoon dogs.

It was like a dog slang term or dog lingo secret club that I entered into and it was fantastic as all of the dog slang words seemed to perfectly describe the subject better than the actual word itself.  Dog slang is cutesier and fun so why not make dog slang part of your repertoire?

Where Did Dog Slang Come From?

If you’re a dog lover, chances are you’ve come across some quirky dog-related slang terms online, like “boop” and “doggo.” But have you ever wondered where these words came from?

Well, the truth is, these dogs slang words didn’t just magically appear out of thin air. They originated on the internet and have since become the go-to language for any dog lover looking to spice up their social media game.  Experts think that Doggo Lingo or dog slang may have become popularized and perhaps even solidified in this way thanks to accounts like WeRateDogs on Twitter, and also to dog-devoted groups on Facebook with thousands of members.

For instance doggo, one of the most popular created dog slang words is a fun and playful term that has taken the dog world by storm. It’s like calling your furry friend your “bestie” or “homie,” but even better because it’s exclusively for dogs. We don’t know where the term “doggo” came from exactly, but we do know that it’s a great way to add some personality to your social media posts.

Next time you’re scrolling through Instagram, keep an eye out for these fun terms, and don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your own content. Your followers (and your furry friend) will thank you!

In Motherpuppin’s Adorable I dedicated an entire chapter I called Speak! Terminology and Lingo to Break Into the Doggo Bigleagues and here are some highlights.

Dog Slang Terms for Dog Lovers Plus the Most Popular Dog Slang Hashtags

If you are looking for some fun dog slang words you came to the right place, we searched for these fun words and their associated hashtags so you can start using them right away for your dog social media posts so you can join the ranks of the most popular dogs on social media and the funniest!

Cuddlebug: A dog that loves to cuddle with their human and snuggle up under blankets. #cuddlebuglife #cuddlewithme

Zoomer: A dog that loves to run around and play at high speed, often doing zoomies around the house or yard. #zoomerpup #zoomiesfordays

Piddlepup: A dog that has a tendency to pee a little bit when they get excited or nervous. #piddlepup #accidentprone

Snoot boop: When a person boops a dog’s snoot with their finger, usually resulting in an adorable reaction from the dog. #snootboop #boopthatnose

Wuff: Another way to say “woof”, usually used in a playful way. #wufflife #wuffwuff

Pawty animal: A dog that loves to party and socialize, whether it’s with other dogs or with their human friends. #pawtyanimal #letspawty if you have one check out our complete guide to dog pawty planning.

Black dog at a dog birthday party behind a white cake.
We all know dogs love to pawty!

Floof: A dog with a fluffy coat that’s so voluminous, they look like a walking cloud. #floofpup #flooflife

Snoop dog: A dog that loves to snoop around and investigate everything, whether it’s a new smell or a hidden treat. #snoopdoglife #snoopdogg

Corgi butt: A term used to describe the adorable back end of a corgi, which is often wiggly and fluffy. #corgibutt #corgibuttsdriveusnuts

Booper: A dog that loves to boop their human’s nose with their own nose, often resulting in giggles and smiles. #booperdog #boopthatnose

Barktender: A dog that greets customers at a bar or brewery, often wearing a cute little outfit. #barktender #dogfriendlybar

Tailwagginator: A dog that wags their tail so hard and fast, it looks like a blur. #tailwagginator #waggingmachine

Nipper: A term used to describe a dog that likes to playfully nip or nibble on their human’s fingers or toes. #nippypup #playfulnips

Sniffer-doodle: A dog that loves to sniff around and investigate everything, often with their tongue hanging out. #snifferdoodle #snifferpup

Pawsome: A playful and well dog known pun used to say “awesome”, often used when describing a dog’s behavior or tricks. #pawsomepup #pawsomelytalented

Licky pup: A dog that loves to give kisses, sometimes to the point of being a little too slobbery. #lickypup #kissmekissmekissme

Bean: A term of endearment for a dog toe pads that’s cute, sweet, and snuggly. #beandog #beanlife

Fluffer: A dog with a fluffy coat that’s so soft, you can’t resist running your hands through it. #flufferdog #fluffernutter

Howler: A dog that loves to howl at the moon or any other sound that strikes their fancy. #howlerdog #howllywood

Snifferoo: A dog that loves to sniff everything and anything, from fire hydrants to flower beds and even smell you. #snifferoodog #snifferoosnacks

Bork: Another way to say “bark”, usually used in a playful way. #borklife #borkborkbork

Borker: A dog that loves to bark at anything and everything, from the mailman to passing cars. #borkerlife #barkallday

Pawsitively: A playful way to say “positively”, usually used when describing a dog’s behavior. #pawsitivelyawesome #pawsitivelyperfect often used on Doggie Valentine’s Day!

Fetcher: A dog that loves to play fetch and can never get enough of chasing after balls or frisbees. #fetcherdog #fetchington

A Blonde dog holding a pink frisbee in his mouth,

Snackhound: A dog that’s always on the lookout for treats and will do anything to get them. #snackhound #treatsplease

Snugglepup: A dog that loves to snuggle and cuddle with their human and maybe even lay on top of them, especially on a lazy afternoon. #snugglepup #snugglebuddy

Wagster: A dog that wags their tail so much, they could power a wind turbine. #wagsterdog #tailwagger

Slobberpup: A dog that drools a lot, especially when they’re excited or happy. #slobberpup #slobberfest

Lickster: A dog that loves to lick their human’s face, even if they just ate something gross. #licksterdog #kissmeplease

Pawfectly: A playful way to say “perfectly”, usually used when describing a dog’s behavior or appearance. #pawfectlyadorable #pawfectlycute

Sploot: When a dog lays down with their legs stretched out behind them, usually with their belly on the ground. It’s cute and hilarious at the same time. #splootlife #splootdog

Pawsitive: A playful dog pun and way to say “positive”, usually used when describing a dog’s behavior. #pawsitivelife #pawsitivevibes

Wiggler: A dog that wiggles their whole body when they’re happy or excited, not just their tail. #wigglerdog #wigglebutts

Borking lot: A parking lot where people bring their dogs to play and socialize. #borkinglot #dogparking

Nuzzlepup: A dog that loves to nuzzle their human’s neck or face, especially when they’re feeling affectionate. #nuzzlepup #lovenuzzle

A woman in a red shirt smelling a Weimaraner dog.

Yapster: A dog that has a high-pitched bark that sounds like they’re yapping. #yapsterdog #yapattack

Squirrel chaser: A dog that loves to chase after squirrels and other small animals, even if they have no chance of catching them

Pawtiquette – A playful term we devoted a whole chapter to in Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s.  Pawtiquette is used to refer to a dog’s manners and behavior in social situations.  Good pawtiquette is important to ensure your pup is welcomed in all social situations! #pawtiquette #gooddoggo #mannerspup  Use the hashtag #pawtiquette to show off your pup’s polite behavior, or to share funny stories about their mischievous antics.

Slang Word For a Dog: Slang for Dogs

Many slang words discuss what are dogs do or how they look or their amazing body parts but here is a list of dog slang word for our dogs themselves:

Pupper – A cute way to say “puppy”. #pupperlove #puppercuteness

Pupperino: A playful way to say “puppy”, often used as a term of endearment. #pupperinolove #pupperinocuteness

Woofie – A playful alternative to “dog”. #woofielife #woofiewoof

Furry friend – A descriptive term for your pet. #furryfriendlove #bestfurryfriend

Canine companion – A more formal way of referring to your dog. #caninecompanion #mansbestfriend

Puppersaurus: A playful way to say “puppy”, often used to describe a dog that’s extra cute or mischievous. #puppersaurusrex #puppersauruscuteness

Pooch – A slang term for dog. #poochlove #poochlife

Floof – A term for a dog with a fluffy coat. #floofpup #flooflife

Fur baby – A term for a dog that is like a member of the family. #furbabylove #furbabyfamily

Snugglebug: A dog that loves to snuggle and cuddle with their human, especially when it’s cold outside. #snugglebuglife #cozysnuggles

Tail-wagger – A descriptive term for a dog that wags their tail often. #tailwaggerlove #tailwaggerlife

Four-legged friend – A descriptive term for your pet. #fourleggedfriendlove #fourleggedfamily

Fuzzbutt – A term for a dog with a fluffy butt. #fuzzbuttlove #fuzzbuttcuteness

Furball – A term for a dog with a lot of fur. #furballpup #furballlife

Canine cutie – A descriptive term for an adorable dog. #caninecuteness #caninecutielove

Sniffer – A term for a dog that loves to sniff everything. #snifferpup #snifferlife

Pawsome pal – A term for a dog that is an awesome companion. #pawsomepal #pawsomecompanion

Fluffernutter – A term for a dog that is both fluffy and adorable. #fluffernutterlove #fluffernutterpup

Fuzzball: A dog with a fluffy coat that looks like a walking ball of fuzz. #fuzzballpup #fuzzywuzzy

“Fat boi” is a slang term that is often used to refer to a dog who is overweight or just particularly chubby. It’s not meant to be an insult, but rather a playful way of acknowledging the dog’s extra fluffiness. Here’s a definition and some relevant hashtags: #FatBoi #ChunkyPup #ChonkyBoi #ThickPup #BigBoi #FluffyBoi 

Dog Poop Slang

One of the most onerous tasks of being a dog owner is dealing with poop, but these dog slang words can bring a bit of fun to a nasty duty or doody!

Poopie-pile: A cute term for a pile of dog poop.

#poopiepile #doggypoopy #poopcute

Doody: A silly term for dog poop that’s just fun to say.

#doodypup #doodyduty #poopcute

Poo-nami: A term for a particularly messy dog poop.

#poonami #poopdisaster #poopocalypse

Turd burglar: A playful term for a dog who’s always pooping where they shouldn’t.

#turdburglar #poopthief #poopbandit

Poop chute: A funny term for a dog’s butt when they’re pooping.

#poopchute #poopbutt #poopbuttsarefunny

Remember to always clean up after your pup!

Dog Groomer Slang

We love dog groomers and love to show our appreciation for groomers being part of our doggo care team.  Some groomers are taking the dog world by storm with their fun social media accounts you may learn more than dog grooming tips there and some groomer lingo but just in case here are some dog slang terms often used by professional groomers and dog enthusiasts.  These dog slang terms can help in communicating with your groomer about what kind of haircut or grooming style you want for your dog or just help you connect with your groomer!

Poodle feet: A term used to describe the round, fluffy fur that covers a poodle’s feet and ankles.

Feathering: A term used to describe the long hair on a dog’s legs, typically found on breeds like Golden Retrievers or Cocker Spaniels.

Mutt-cut: A simple haircut for mixed breed dogs, typically just a trim to keep them tidy.

Clipper happy: A term used to describe a groomer who uses clippers too aggressively, resulting in a shorter-than-desired haircut for the dog.

A white dog looking into camera with body unshaved but head shaved showing clipper happy.
Clipper happy is not always a positive slang dog word.

Lion cut: A haircut style for some breeds, such as the Pomeranian, where the fur is trimmed short around the body but left long around the head and neck to resemble a lion’s mane.

Skirt: The longer fur around a female dog’s belly, typically trimmed shorter during grooming.

Comb cut: A haircut style that is done entirely by combing the fur to achieve an even length throughout the dog’s coat.

Puppy cut: A short, even haircut that is easy to maintain and is commonly done for puppies who are not ready for more complex styles.

Teddy bear cut: A haircut style where the dog’s fur is left longer all over, typically found on breeds like the Bichon Frise or Shih Tzu.

Stripping: A technique used to remove dead hair from a dog’s coat by hand, commonly done on breeds with wiry coats like the Jack Russell Terrier.


In conclusion, the world of dog slang is a fun and quirky way to show your love for your furry friend. From “pupper” to “woofers” to “boop,” there’s a whole world of dog slang out there to explore. Whether you’re looking for a cute and cuddly term to call your pup or a funny way to describe their latest misadventure, dog slang is the perfect way to do it.

So next time you’re out and about with your pooch, don’t be afraid to use some dog slang terms to show off your pup’s personality. And if you’re not sure where to start, just remember: when it comes to dog slang, anything goes!

Just make sure you don’t use any of these slang terms in a serious or formal setting, unless you want some confused looks from non-dog lovers. In the end, dog slang is a lighthearted and fun way to celebrate our furry best friends and the joy they bring into our lives.

So keep on woofin’ and boopin’, and don’t forget to use those hashtags to share your love of dog slang with the world! #dogslangwords #dogslangterms #dogsslang #slangfordogs

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Dog Slang FAQs

What is a dog in slang?

There are several ways to refer to a dog in slang including doggo, furbaby, pooch, furry friend, fluffer, canine companion and more.

What is a puppy slang term?

some dog slang terms for puppies are fluffernutter, pupnato (referring to an active puppy), licky monster, fur baby, wiggly butt, woofer and pupper.

What is another way to say doggo?

Doggo is the most popular dog slang word but if you are looking for another way to say doggo other alternatives are Woofer, fur baby, furry friend, fluffer, zoomie, pooch, tail wagger, fur ball, puperino.