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7 Dog Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

We already wrote about Valentine’s Day dog posts, puns, and captions so we thought we would step back a bit and post about some fun Dog Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas you can steal to have your own fun Valentine’s Dog Photoshoot.

Brown and white dog lying in a bed of pink marshmallows on his back.

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your furry Valentine a photo shoot may be the way.

Dog Valentine Day Photo Ideas to Steal

From a Valentines Day Background to photo props these adorable and fun (and not all pink) ideas will have you documenting memories with style and add interest to your dog’s Instagram feed.

The Valentines Background

No dress up needed to create a fun background with some Valentine’s style, balloons, red hearts, finger paint or bubbles. Backgrounds are an easy way to add some seasonal variety to a shot.

Brown and white Jack Russell terrier with a red rose in his mouth with a picture from above and red rose pedals on the ground around him.
Valentine’s background does not always mean a background from behind it can be on the ground when the shot is taken from above.

Play Up the Props

Adding some heart glasses or Valentine’s Day props can add quick seasonality to your next photoshoot.

Small black and brown Dachshund dog lying on back on pink fluffy blanket with heart shaped pink glasses on.

Add Valentine’s Day Signs

Take one of our Valentine’s Day puns, captions or sayings and put it on a sign that your dog is holding or that is in the background for some seasonal Valentine’s fun at your next dog photo shoot.

Small terrier holding lying on his back holding a rose and a chalkboard sign that says "dog gone adorable"
Most of our Valentine’s captions are very true, add one to your photoshoot in the form of a sign.

Valentine Collars and Crafts

You can always make a craft and use it as a Valentine’s collar on your next shoot, paper or felt hearts are simple and oh so cute (or is it the puppy?)

Husky puppy that is grey and white with bright blue eyes in a collar with multiple red and white hearts around it.
Crat collars make for a great collar idea

Change the Angle

Change your placement of your camera from in front to behind a dog and add some Valentine’s decorations for extra flare in your dog Valentinus’s Dog photos.

Back of a beige dog looking onto a table with a Happy Valentine's Day sign, candles and a red table cloth.

Let Your Dog Be Even Cuter

By adding signs and decorations your dog will shine and be even cuter than he normally is sloppy kiss included.

Black, brown and white Bernese mountain dog standing in front of a sign with free wet kisses and a background of wood and red hearts.

More Signs

Valentine’s Day signs can make their way into photoshoots on T-shirts, mugs, actual signs and even pillows, even when your dog is sleeping and be adorable as anything!

A sleeping, small beige Sharpe puppy with a heart  shaped pillow tucked into his paw that says "I Love you"

Now you have your photos, posting caption ideas and only one last tip, don’t let your dog eat the chocolate. Learn more hear and how to calculate if your dog has consumed a dangerous amount of chocolate and of course grab a paw and settle in.

Dog Valentine’s Day Photo FAQs

What are some Valentine’s Day dog photo shoot ideas?

Some Valentine’s Day do photo shoot ideas include, adding a seasonal background, adding a sign, adding some easy costume accessories like scarf, bandana, or heart shaped glasses.

What is the best place to take a Valentine’s day dog photo?

You can take a Valentine’s Day photo inside or outside as long as you can add some props and some Valentine’s day themed articles.