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7 Holiday Dog Photo Ideas For the Camera Shy Pup (actually for anyone!)

It can be hard to find dog photo ideas and especially with a camera shy pup.  It can be tempting to put on a Holiday Dog outfit and shoot away but if your dog is anything like mine they will not turn out like the @mensweardog the most stylish and the most talented outfit posing dog in the world or @dougthepug where each outfit is full of personality.  No, he will instead look shamed with ears flat and sad humiliated eyes not worthy of a Holiday themed dog photo.


With these holiday dog photo ideas that can all change and you can have some great holiday photos to not only preserve memories but put on cards and season up that feed.  


Dog photo Idea #1 Play up the background  

Instead of dressing up your dog focus on a holiday-themed background and simply take a natural shot in front of it.  If you do not have a holiday-themed background take a photo in front of white space and use background remover and add on in Canva.  Steal this holiday dog photo idea from us.  

Dog photo Idea #2 Add Small Holiday Outfit Touches


A great holiday dog photo idea is to use small Holiday touches in your dog photos like a bandana or collar.  This small touch may be all that you need to make that Holiday themed card scream happy holidays.  We see a lot of Santa and antlers out there but for our put those still don’t pass non-humiliation test and we still get a sad-looking puppy shot.  


Dog photo Idea #3 Get Close  


Who doesn’t love a good close-up of a doggy toe or nose?  One of my favorite dog photo ideas is to get that close-up you love and then throw in a present to add to the holiday dog theme.  

Dog photo Idea #4 Adjust the Frame

 Habits are hard to break but for a fun dog photo idea try adjusting your dog’s placement in the frame.  This can allow you to focus on some cute eyes and get a better peak into your dog’s personality.  You can bring a Holiday theme in many ways like a collar, background, or bow tie.  

Dog photo Idea #5 Play with Perspective


For a fun dog photo idea try looking down or up at your pup.  So often we take photos where it is convenient for us.  Adjust your position or your dogs position to get that great shot.  If you are looking down your can add frames to your photos like wreaths and lights.  

Dog photo Idea #6 Take it Outdoors 

Getting that perfect holiday shot indoors can be difficult.  Christmas lights are hard, any unnatural light for that matter.  Take your photoshoot outdoors for some fun shots in the weather, in nature and near an outdoor Christmas tree.  Our favorite dog holiday photo ideas include dogs that show their personality and most times that is far easier to do outside. 

Dog photo Idea #7 Play up Prop Placement


A regular cute dog photo can turn into a Holiday shot with some handy holiday props.  The Holidays are filled with props, like a present, a bow, a wreath, and more.  Use props for some fresh dog photo ideas and not a dressed-up dog to get that Holiday shot.  

Have some more dog photo ideas for the holidays?  Let us know in the comments below and of course, share your holiday photos with us!

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