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7 Reasons to Use At Home Dog Worm Stool Test Kit

A parasite or a dog worm is an organism that cannot live independently without a host like you or your dog or cat. They live by taking nourishment from you and your pet and their impact on your health and your pet’s health are numerous.  Good news is that with an at home dog worm test kit the days of needing an expensive vet appointment to see if your dog, cat, or other pet has worms are gone forever

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With technology and convenience, pet lovers can use at-home dog and cat worm test kits to test their dogs for worms from the comfort of their homes.  Dog stool testing kits can detect the most common dog parasites and worms including hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and giardia.  This opportunity is exciting and allows pet lovers to take charge of their pet’s health.

Why You Should Consider An At-Home Dog Worm Test Kit

Today 85% of people in North America are infected with worms according to Steven Tvedten in 33 Ways to Get Rid of Parasites and there are more kinds of parasites than there are people on earth. There are a few types of worms that are more common that may also cause health and wellness issues. This is why we love an at-home dog stool testing kits to easily test for worms and for these other important reasons.  

Dog Poop Test Kit Accuracy

Blonde dog looking at a mailbox waiting for an at-home dog worm testing kit to arrive in a red mailbox surrounded by a row of mailbox
At home poop testing kits arrive in the mail

At-Home dog stool or poop test kits are just as accurate as a dog stool test provided by your veterinarian.  Each kit is complete with instructions for collecting, storing, and mailing the stool sample to a certified testing facility. 

The technology used to test the sample is state of the art and can detect worms at over 99% accuracy by lab technicians.  

At-Home Dog Worm Testing Affordability

With inflation at 7% and pet care costs swiftly rising there pet lovers face challenges every day as to how to keep their pets in optimum health within their budget.  These are unfair choices and when it comes to your pet’s health may also may be unnecessary.   At-home testing can be done from home without the high costs of a visit to the vet which may include exam fees and other costs.  

My vet recently started charging a non-refundable $50.00 fee at the time of appointment, this is outside any other costs due at the time of the visit for actual services.  An average dog stool test would typically be over $100.00 after that deposit at a veterinarian office.  While a complete at -home dog worm test can be $59.99 with no added costs and fees to you.  

At-home testing results can also be sent directly to your vet. This will ensure that your vet has the results at the time of your wellness appointment for further consult regarding the results.  This will avoid the vet cost of a stool test which is far more than an at-home dog worm test.  

In addition, you can use the vet support provided post at-home test if you have questions about the results as well. All for the same cost of the test itself!

Pet Lovers in Charge of Their Pets Health Care

Often life leaves me feeling out of control and at the mercy of my schedule or my kid’s schedule.  My pet’s health is subject to those schedules along with that of my vet.  

We all could understand the importance of learning test results when Covid came on the scene.  The thought of going to a public place and standing in line to get a test that was once a relief to have access to soon became an annoyance.  The onset of at-home Covid testing changed our ability to take control of our own health.  You could understand quickly what precautions you needed to take and take charge of your and your family’s health with knowledge. 

Dog parasites are certainly not Covid, but the need for convenience and control of wellness is all too similar.  If you have a concern that your dog may have parasites why wait several weeks until the vet has an appointment that matches your free hour on one of your busy days?  

Dog looking at blue mailbox after mailing at home parasite test results

Getting results fast and easily allows you to take control and focus on a remedy or have immediate peace of mind without waiting.   Knowledge when it comes to health and vet care is taking control.  

Pet Parent Peace of Mind

Did you know that 76% of pet owners remain in a state of concern over their pet’s health?  As pet lovers, we have lots to be concerned about like did my dog eat the missing sock?  Does my dog look older today? Parasites and worms should not be on that list and with an at-home worm count pet test, you can cross at least one concern, whether your pet has parasites, off your list for greater peace of mind.

Was your dog recently positive for parasites and went through worm treatment?  An at home dog stool test kit will ensure that your dog is now worm free.  Did you find your dog eating a rodent or goodness knows what, an at-home worm testing kit will let you know if he needs treatment so that you can have peace of mind.

Did the cat in your home recently test positive for worms or vice versa an at home kit can help with that as well since we know that certain worms can transfer between cats and dogs.

At-Home Pet Worm Testing Provides Family Safety

Did you know that certain pet parasites and worms can transfer to your family? As we discuss in our article Can Dog Worms Transfer to Humans, dog worms can transfer to humans and can cause zoonotic disease.  

Young blonde girl reading with her black and white fluffy dog.
Dog worms can transfer to your family making testing a great choice.

There are many dog worms that can transfer to humans that our dogs carry with them or get from proximity or consumption of other wildlife, from each other, or from the environment.   Worms such as tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms all transfer to humans from our dogs.

At-home pet worm testing provides fast accurate results that allow you to treat worms before they affect the health and safety of your family.

Worms and Parasites are Not Detectible to the Human Eye

There are certain signs and symptoms that your dog may have worms such as bloating and scooting but as a pet parent, you will not be able to see worms to the naked eye.  You may be able to see a rice-like item in your dog’s stool but if you do not it does not mean your dog is parasite free. 

You will need to do dog stool testing to determine if your dog has worms so why not do it from the convenience of your home?  

Treating Dog Parasites and Worms is an Important Part of Your Dog Wellness 

Treating parasites is an important part of your dog’s wellness.  As any pet parent knows, keeping your dog healthy and free of parasites is important. And while most of us are familiar with the idea of fleas and ticks, not as many of us are aware of the danger that worms can pose to our furry friends. 

In our article on the signs and symptoms of worms in dogs, we also discuss the impact worms can have on your dog’s health.  For instance, roundworms can cause weight-loss, diarrhea and bloat and wreak havoc on a system consuming the nutrients that you have taken care to provide your dog.  Whereas, hookworms can cause anemia and chronic weight loss.  The effects to your pet’s health from worm infestation are many.

De-worming medications may not always be effective and although some pet lovers may be inclined to double up on de-worming medications, they also understand that de-wormers can effect the stomach biome of your pet.  Care and thoughtfulness should be provided when giving worming medications and an at home-health test will allow that thoughtfulness.  

Can I Test My Dog For Worms at Home?

If you are wondering if you can test your dog for worms at home the answer is yes!  with technology and logistics what they are these days a simple at-home test kit can be purchased on-line, follow the instructions inside to collect a sample from your pet and then mail to a certified lab testing facility.  At-home dog worm testing is accurate, convenient, affordable and can provide you with peace of mind.

Try an at-home pet worm test kit today!

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Dog At Home Worm Testing FAQs

How do you test for dog worms?

You can test for worms with an at-home dog worm test kit in which case dog stool is collected and returned to a testing lab in a sample container and full instructions provided in a dog at-home worm test kit. You can also take your dog to a vet where they will also obtain a sample and send to a lab. In both cases the test will accurately identify if your dog has worms and what type of worm they have.

How much does it cost to test for dog worms?

The cost to test your dog for worms will vary significantly from $100-$200 at your vet to $59.99 and up for an at-home dog testing worm kit.

Can I test my dog for worms at home?

Yes! You can take charge of your dogs health with an at home dog worm test kit. An at-home dog worm test kit is accurate, less expensive, easy and efficient and comes with free consult from a vet.

When should I test my dog for worms?

You should test your dog for worms whenever you see signs and symptoms of worms such as excessive weight loss, dull coat, vomiting, scooting and a dull unhealthy appearance or if you suspect that your dog has gotten into some thing that is a known carrier for worms like a dead animal or been around other dogs and their feces that are infested. Testing for worms gives peace of mind and confidence that your dog de-wormer is effective.

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Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs and Cats FAQ

What happens if my dog sniffs Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is great for dogs and is safe to ingest and put on their skin, sniffing diatomaceous earth is not a problem but dog owners do need to be careful that dogs do not inhale DE further. The silica in DE can be harmful to dog and cat lungs, especially pets with respiratory issues. The many benefits of DE make it a useful pet wellness tool.

What if my dog licks Diatomaceous Earth?

Since DE is an excellent addition to food due to its ability to kill parasites, bind collagen and support a healthy coat and joints, licking DE is not only beneficial but suggested. DE is safe for dogs but dog lovers should get food grade DE to be safe.

Will Diatomaceous Earth harm dogs?

Diatomaceous earth will not harm dogs. DE is non-toxic and actually helpful for dogs due to its many wellness attributes. Pet lovers have found many benefits to adding DE to their pet’s food to help support a healthy coat and fend off parasites and on externally to help with fleas and ticks.