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7 Summer Dog Accessories You Need Now

You may be thinking that summer is over and have your eyes on fall but for many summer is just heating up which is why you still need to consider these fun summer dog accessories and must haves for your dog to beat the heat in style and comfort.

Brown Doodle dog in blue summer accessories and sunglasses.

Must Have Dog Summer Accessories

We made a list of summer dog accessories that you can put on your list for your next summer vacay to the dog beach or anytime you are out enjoying the sun with your furry pal.

Doggie Sunglasses  

A Picture of dog sunglasses that are mirrored with orange and blue trim around the lens.

Dog sunglasses are the perfect dog summer accessory. Whether you are riding or running fast, want your pup to look cool or just need some sweet UV protection for the summer, summer goggles and sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory for your dog. 

We love Rex Specs, popularized by one of our favorite Sporty Dogs Waffles XP so we also know for sure they make perfect Instagram dog photos.

Handy Hound Snout Balm

A plastic tube applicator makes it easy for you to apply a protective layer of this organic, all-natural sunscreen to your dog’s nose (as well as other areas). Organic ingredients, such as lavender, raspberry, and carrot juice make this product safe if ingested by the dog.

Dogs with lighter colored noses will welcome this sun protection. Find handy hound snout balm on Amazon here.

Summer Dog Dog Sun Shirt

Beige Chihuahua like dog in a blue swim shirt.
Keep your pup cool with a sun shirt

Whether your pup loves the sun or the shade this cool dog summer accessory dog shirt will have your dog sporting summer. 

Not only is this dog sun shirt UPF 50+ and Made in USA but dogs seem to love the extra protection or maybe they are responding to the “soo cute” comments.  Find the dog sun sun short on Etsy here.

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Summer Dog Accessory Dog Sun Hat

Another fun way to beat the bright sun is with a doggie sun hat.  We have not tried this particular sun hat but it may stay put about as well as those placed on a toddler. 

This sun hat is worth a try for some stylish fun and who knows a dog with longer ears may tolerate it a bit better and it will hold longer, find a cute doggie sun hat here on Etsy.

Golden colored dog in a park beside a person sitting on the grass in a sun hat with one paw over an empty champagne bottle.
This dog appreciates the shade from a sun hat.

Summer Dog Bandana Accessory

Nothing says summer like a themed bandana.  We love bandanas since the can add some character and are always a great photo prop. (See 30 Great Photo Props by clicking on the “free Guide Tab Above”)  Summer dog bandanas can be those adorned with surfboards, boats, watermelon or popsicles in fact any summer icon.

You can even custom make your own with your favorite material (We love this surfing dog material) and  no sew tape.

Dog Booties for Summer Weather

Brown Doodle dog in blue summer accessories and sunglasses.

Keep your dogs paws cool on hot pavement, sand or other hot surfaces with some stylish booties like this cool dog. If you are out and about with your dog on asphalt, concrete, metal or sandy surfaces like a visit to a beach on our Dog Friendly Beaches That Should be on Your Bucket List in the hot summer sun, you could be exposing your pet’s paws to temperatures of up to 145 degrees which screams cool booties.

Keep pets paws cool and safe from hot temps in summer dog booties like these available from Canada Pooch.

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Dog Travel Shower

Picture of a woman in a red shirt and shorts spraying a dog off with a water bottle with an attachment.

With summer brings adventure and this easy dog shower allows for summer adventure and a quick clean which is why we put this on our summer dog must have accessory list.  Be on the go and then refresh and clean up with this handy little screw on reusable top.  Stow in your back pack and car.  Available at Kurgo.

Beat the heat with some of these fun dog must have summer accessories to not only rock style but to keep your dog comfortable and happy, because we all want happy dogs.

Dog Summer Accessories FAQ

What should I get my dog for summer?

There are so many great things to get your dog for summer that are practical and fashionable. Try some summer shades, hat, dog booties, doggie sunglasses, a cooling mat, cooling bandana, water bottle, water sprayer attachment, and sprinkler.

What should I give my dog on a hot day?

The most important thing to give is protection from the sun and hydration. You can prepare flavored water to keep your dog hydrated and to be certain he is drinking.

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