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8 Cutest and Smallest Dog Breed in the World 2023 (+Most loved of each breed on IG)

If you are looking for the smallest dog breed in the world 2021 we have a list for you of the most motherpuppin’ adorable small dogs of the year!  

Small dogs are convenient to take on the go, provide comfort and fit easily in small apartments and at the same time have big pawsonalities and hearts!  So read on for the cutest and smallest dog breed in the world 2023. 

We talked about family dogs where many are small dogs as small dogs fit easily into the family.  However, these small dogs are a bit different they are the cutest and smallest dog breeds in 2023.  

We also like to track great dog accounts on Instagram those that give us a smile or provide some inspo, we have discussed the top sporty dogs accounts to follow on Instagram read on to see the small dog accounts we are loving following in 2023.  

Cutest and Smallest Dog Breed in the World 2023

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is gaining a huge amount of popularity and tops the list for his cuteness and fame in 2021.  Known for his muscular build and bat ears these motherpuppin’ adorable pets need little exercise and are playful and smart.  

Cute dog fact:  Need help with climate control and need to be inside.  

Average Size: 12-14 inches and 20-25 pounds.

Our Favorite Instagram Bulldog: 

@wilburbeast2020 with cute antics and dress up we love his big personality.


The popularity of a Pomeranian has stood the test of time.  These cute fluffy small dogs are known for their smiles and of course their floof!  

Cute dog fact:  Pomeranians come in the most colors of any dog breed clocking in at 18 different colors.  

Size: Can be as small as 5 inches and 4 pounds!

Our Favorite Instagram Pomeranian


 If you ever questioned our opinion that dogs smile, Ollie will change your mind!

Small Pomeranian in a bike  basket in front of colorful tulips.


These little balls of energy pack a lot of personality and we know since we have one in the Popular Pet family. (Read our story of Oliver the Havanese here).  Havanese can quickly be noted by the cheerful gleam in their eyes.  Havanese make great family dogs and also will lend a hand watching over things.  

Cute Dog Fact:  Havanese are from Cuba.  

Size: 11 inches and 10-13 pounds

Our favorite Instagram Havanese



You know the Dachshund the one that is always embarrassed in the hot dog costume at Halloween.  Besides knowing a Dachshund as the small dog having to endure countless jokes regarding body type you may know the Dachshund as a lively, friendly, popular and of course cutest small dog of 2021.  

Cute dog fact:  Dachshunds have three different types of coats, smooth, wiry and long.   

Small Dog Size: Dachshunds are 16-32 pounds and minis can be 11 pounds or less. 

Our favorite Instagram Dachshund 


Brussels Griffon

You may have seen a Brussels Griffon as they are a people doppelganger because many say they resemble people.  They get lonely easily so expect to have a perpetual side kick and they are also known to be quite sensitive.  

Cute Dog fact:  Brussels Griffon has human like eyes and often mistaken as a pug

Small Dog Size: 5-15 pounds 

Our Favorite Instagram Brussels Griffon


Italian Greyhound

You may have caught your self standing at a dog park with eyes open in awe looking at the pure athleticism and a plain super fast dog, especially for its size. That would mean you were likely looking at an Italian Greyhound.  These small dogs are swift, chase prey, are loyal, playful and love to cuddle making them a wonderful companion.  

Cute Dog Fact: Italian Greyhounds have incredible eyesight as they were bred for chasing game.  

@ghost.and.wren  What is better than one Italian Greyhound?  Two!


These joyful little dogs are known for being elegant and alert.  Papillion are a popular trusty sidekick.

Cute dog fact: Papillion are known for their butterfly ears and Papillion means butterfly in French.  

Size 8-11 pounds  

Our favorite Instagram Papillion

@slinkylola_and_the_noodles Papillion and more!


Our final cutest and smallest dog is the Pekinese, a sparkly little pup known for its loyalty, dignity, self importance and strong opinions likely due to his knowledge of its history as the puppy pal of the ruling classes in China.  

Cute dog fact:  Pekinese have a strong and muscular body weighing an average 14 pounds, surprising for what appears to a cute small dog.  

Our favorite Pekinese Instagram:

@lara_and_fuksja double the fun with a Pekinese and German Shepherd and gorgeous pics.
We hope you enjoyed learning about the cutest and smallest dog breed in world 2023.

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