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8 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This St. Patrick’s Day

Holidays can be fun, especially with our furry friends, who are the ultimate wingman during the holidays and beyond (see our latest podcast for wingman fun!). Holidays give us a chance to take a pause and change it up with small ways to celebrate and of course, provide a ton of fodder for our dog Instagram feed!

Small black bulldog in green wear next to a green shamrock ready to celebrate St. Patrick's day

No, it is not all green beer and pots of gold, this March 17th check out some of these ways to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with your pup.

Grey shagging dog looking up with a happy face and a green hat on his head to celebrate St. Patrick's day.

1)  St Patrick’s Day Dog Attire

As any reader of our Motherpuppin Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s, our fun new read about navigating life with your dog, knows we love dog wardrobes!

Non-invasive wardrobe switch-ups are super fun ways to have some fun with your pal and celebrate with some festive posts. Check out some of these cute costumes, dog collars, and bow ties available on Etsy adorned with signature green and four-leaf clovers.

2) Make a Special St. Patrick’s Day Festive Meal.

There is always a good time for good food and furry friends but when it comes to holiday celebrations a great way to pay homage to the holiday is to make a special meal. A traditional St. Patty’s Day sure to be loved by your furry friend is corned beef.

According to Irish Central, corned beef an authentic Irish food, became the meal of choice for St. Patrick’s Day since Beef was not readily available in Ireland and was considered a luxury and that’s why the traditional Irish meal centered around ham, the bacon.  Corned beef was the meat that they could easily and more cheaply get their hands on.

Corned beef is typically served with cabbage, note that cabbage can cause gas in dogs so you may want to avoid that Irish treat.

3) Celebratory St. Patrick’s Day Doggie Drink

St. Patrick’s day is not all green beer and Irish Whiskeys, you can add some green food coloring to your dog’s water or better yet some of our bone broth (recipe here) for a healthy celebratory dog treat.

You also really don’t have to leave out the green beer if you want what with the latest boon in dog-friendly beers. There are varied selections of dog beer out there some even created by big names like Busch.

We did a post about some dog-friendly bars maybe some of these are in your area and you can take your pooch out on the town to celebrate.

4) Find a St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Dog’s and parade’s seem to go together and St. Patrick’s day is no different. Boston, San Diego, New York, and Savannah, all have local parades this year to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day. Your pup is sure to love the St. Patrick’s day parade with sure to appear, Irish dancers, little leprechaun’s with his best friend.

Bonus, if you have an Irish Setter or an Irish Wolfhound, who are amongst the most popular Irish dog breeds, you may get to participate in the St. paddy’s day parade.

Grey Irish Wolfhound dog lying on the grass.
Irish Wolfhounds are amongst the most popular Irish breed of dogs

5) Festive St. Patrick’s Day Dog Treats

Any of our recipes for yummy dog treats can be adapted to be great recipes for St. Patrick’s day with the addition of a little green food coloring and a festive cookie cutter to create festive healthy treats.

6) Have a St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

We love photo shoots, they can be informal or more formal with a photographer but we always put this on our list (see Valentine’s Day list of dog fun) because photo shoots not only provide great social media posting but they also are a perfect way to memorialize a holiday celebration. 

With the attire (referenced above) and when they are centered around a holiday add instant fun!

So find a backdrop (green of course) and some cute holiday apparel and start shooting. Get low, get high, and change it up for some fun photos you and other pet owners will cherish.

7) Participate in a St. Patrick’s Day Fun Run

Your pal may not be up for visiting dog-friendly pubs on St. Patrick’s way and may think a better way to celebrate and honor St. Patrick is a fun run. Several communities have fun runs that are dog friendly and made for fun St Patrick’s day activities. Dog friendly cities like Seattle and San Diego have St. Patrick day fun runs.

Small black and white dog lying down in St. Patrick day dog hat that is green with red pigtails.
Get your dog out for some fun on a fun run with festive attire.

8) Go Furry Green in Honor of St. Patrick

Add a little green highlight to you and your pup.  A good way to have non-chemical fun is with hair chalk.  Another way that tends to last longer (although too long for me) is green Kool-Aid.  If you want to make DIY hair dye that is safe and non-toxic for your pet.  Simply add some green kool aid to conditioner, let sit, apply to dog fur and rinse out.  

I hope you get a chance to celebrate some of these ways to celebrate in the honor of St. Patrick and share some fun with your furry pal just don’t share the chocolates!

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St. Patrick Day Dog FAQ

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a dog?

There are so many fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a dog, you can bake themed treats, enter a fun run, color their hair with non-toxic coloring or color your dog’s nails, and have a photoshoot.

Is it safe to color my dog’s hair green for St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s day is a fun time to celebrate with your dog and make everything green. Known for green beer why not color your dog’s fur and with pet safe coloring like green Kool aid. Green Kool Aid is a fun way to color your dogs fur for St. Patrick’s Day.