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9 Best Dog Parks in the US For Your Bucket List

After the most recent world events the itch to get out and explore is more prevalent than ever.  So, why not include your dog bestie in your travel plans and incorporate a visit to some of these best dog friendly dog parks?  Read on to add these top dog parks to your bucket list.

A view from a above of dogs in a dog park a little white Jack Russell dog and a brown dog on grass.

Not only will a visit to these dog friendly parks allow your dog to socialize with other canines and enjoy a little off-leash freedom but they will provide you with a dog friendly destination you and your pet will enjoy.

Put some of these top rated dog parks and dog friendly national parks, which of course rate the best for their dog friendliness and scenic locales so that they can fit into your travel plans.

Top Dog Park in the US Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park

This park is located in dog friendly Seattle, Washington. Being so dog friendly Seattle has plenty of recreational options for you and your furry pal but the added plus of this dog park is that along with 8.6 acres of dog space it contains water and the opportunity for dogs to swim in Lake Washington and play and run across the fields and meandering trails for a nice walk.

In addition, when you are done you can take advantage of the dog washing area.  Check out this popular dog friendly destination in one of the most dog friendly cities that exist and when you are done check out one of the many dog friendly cafes in this beautiful locale.

A park bench looking into the Seattle skyline of the space needle with a comment below picture about dog friendly city of Seattle.

Top Dog Park Newtown Dream Dog Park

This dog park is located in Johns Creek, Georgia and is considered to be one of the most beautiful dog parks in the United States.

This dog friendly park is for small and large dogs, including a bone-shaped bridge, fire hydrant-shaped sprinkler, agility hoops, and tunnels. The added bonus is that you can introduce your dog to some great obstacles on the dog obstacle course and see if your dog has a new calling.

Grey and white Border Collie type dog coming down a ramp doing dog agility at a dog park.
A dog enjoying the dog agility course

Top Dog Park Shaggy Pines Dog Park

Shaggy Pines dog park is located in Ada, MI. Although this park has an admission fee, it is well worth it due to its beauty. This park contains doggy mountains, a doggy swimming lake, rolling hills, etc. This dog park should be on your dog bucket list since it is like a spa resort for dogs.

Top Dog Park Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie’s Dog Beach is among the top dog parks in the US and is located in Long Beach, California. Dogs can run freely off leash at Rosie’s Dog beach and meet and hang out with their pals as they both try and run to that tennis ball bobbing in the ocean.

After your beach romp you not only will be ready for a good wash but also for a drinks and lunch at one of the many dog friendly cafes in Long Beach.

Medium sized cattle dog with long grey and brown hair running on a beach.

Top Dog Park Thousand Acres Dog Park

Thousand Acres Dog Park is also known as Sandy River Delta Park, which is located in Troutdale, Oregon.

It makes sense that this Dog haven is in dog friendly Oregon and by its name shows that it is a large play place for you and your pet to enjoy

Thousand Acres Dog Park  contains long wooded walking paths; open trails are available for mountain biking, access to water is also available for swimming and splashing.

Top Dog Park North Cascades National Park

This dog friendly venue is one of the few dog friendly national parks. North Cascades National Park is located in Washington. Here, dogs are allowed to hike some of the incredible trails and enjoy Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas.

This park provides great opportunities for adventure for you and your pal.

Top Dog Park Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is located in Alaska and is one of the most dog friendly national parks where dogs are allowed on all trails.

It is surprising and a wonderful opportunity for a well trained companion as the wildlife abounds at this top dog park and you may see wild Alaskan animals like brown bears.

Brown Bear in a park in Alaska in front of a background of mountains.
Brown Bear in Alaska Park

Good news is that your furry friend may scare off the bears but be sure that your pet is obedient before venturing off in the Alaskan Wilderness as trailing your pet through the tundra when he shoots off on the scent of wild game may not be the vacation you had in mind and be very dangerous in this backcountry.

Top Dog Park Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is another dog friendly national park!  We all know this famous spot located in Arizona.

The dog friendly trail is beautiful and easy to navigate.

Grand Canyon with steep mountain walls and a river running through the center of the canyon.
We were excited to learn that there are dog friendly trails in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon dog Hike Pro tip:

Due to the dry climate bring a lot of water to keep your dog and yourself hydrated.  Only select trails allow dogs so if you plan on exploring more make plans for your pup.

Top Dog Park Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park in South Carolina allows visitors to have their pets along all the trails and pets are also allowed at campgrounds. This gorgeous spot is full of plants, including champion trees as well and has paddling trails if you are so inclined to include your dog in a canoe or kayak trip.

We hope that these ideas spur some inspiration for you to get out and have fun.  Dogs are the happiest with lots of exercise and new experiences. As parks slowly open be sure to check availability and hours and don’t forget to save these tips for your next adventure.

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Dog Park FAQs

What is the best dog park in the US?

What you consider the best dog park in the US will depend on what you love about going to a dog park. If it is meandering on trails and taking a dip then my vote is Warren Magnussen Park in Seattle, or if it just running and playing on a beach with your dog you may love Fort Funston in San Francisco which can take up an entire day of dog fun on the beaches and path.

How long should my dog spend at the dog park?

You should spend as much time as your dog needs to get quality exercise and not be overwhelmed and too tired. The amount of time your dog should spend at the park may depend on its age and energy level but 2 – 4 hours is likely plenty of time to spend at the dog park.

Are dog parks stressful for dogs?

This may depend on your particular dog’s personality and age. Dog parks provide incredible sources of socialization which will usually help your dog become less stressed in unfamiliar circumstances and around other dogs. If your dog is young or old and does not find a lot of activity exciting or fun dog parks may be stressful for your dog.

Is a dog park a good way to socialize a dog?

Yes a dog park can be an excellent way to socialize a dog provided the experience is fun, controlled, and positive. If there are aggressive dogs that start confrontations then your dog may become aggressive in response. Carefully craft your dogs dog park experience to be positive and dog parks can be an excellent way to socialize your dog.