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9 Funny Dogs on Instagram You Have to Follow Now

Terrier dog with a phone

We found them but it was only with a little help.

Time for Paws Posted some Truly Hilarious Dog Hashtags with those funny hashtags we could find the funniest dogs.  This shows that hashtags really do have a purpose and if you are posting you should use the correct hashtags so that Instagram users can find what they are looking for, in our case, the Funniest Dogs on Instagram, those dogs that make you stop the scroll and pay attention truly funny dogs and dog lovers that are so kind as to share their hilarity by posting (since let’s face it dog’s cannot post!)

Funny Dogs on Social Media

Although we are writing about funny dogs on Instagram know that there are funny dogs everywhere.  Tik Toc, Twitter, and sometimes even Facebook also have some seriously funny dogs to follow.  You can probably find them like we did by using the funny dog hashtags below.

Becoming the Owner of a Funny Dog on Instagram

Your dog likely does funny things all of the time you may even be following some of these funny dogs and see a post that went viral and think my dog does that all of the time, but alas, it is capturing the moment.  Most funny dog posts are not staged but truly funny moments caught on camera.

Being able to anticipate some of those or set them up with a bit of creativity takes some experience but you will get that experience by following these funny dogs and getting inspired by them.

But first, you need to start your account.  Make sure you get started with your dog on social media the right way with the comprehensive guide to everything dog and social media in our book Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to navigating life with your dog or tips and dog Instagram FAQs in our article How to Start an Instagram Account for My Dog 

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Funny Dog #Hashtags














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Funny Dog Accounts on Instagram

There are plenty of funny dog accounts on Instagram, we tried to pick the ones that are genuinely funny not dressed up or otherwise solely to be funny (which we are not commenting on) but dogs enjoying themselves and therefore are amusing to us and others.

@hey.dogs describes themselves as a daily source of happiness which is true.  They collect funny dog photos and repost many of them but it worth a follow.

@paulmcpug we know it is not cool to fat shame but the humor is partially related to this Pug’s enormous size.

@kingmajesty_and_Princessrose quoted in the bio as “extremely cute and funny” which fits the bill.  Tons of funny reels of an English Bulldog doing funny things.  My dog would object for sure but he seems perfectly happy.

@everything.olive_  this account has adorable photography and will provide some cute inspiration to any inspiring dogfluencer.

@riley.unlikely described in bio as a “daily dose of derps” and the account holds true to this for sure.

two brussels griffon


@charleston_the_chewookie these two Brussels Griffon are just funny their expressions make the account one tofollow

@dougthepug needs no introduction and we have really tried to focus on up and coming dogluencers that are truly funny but you cannot write a post about funny dog accounts without him.  Find more dogfluencers and test your dogfluncer knowledge in our Dogfluencer Quiz!

@brodiethatdood has the most perfect bio “Your local serotonin dealer” and it is true, this is truly an funny dog with many funny hairstyles.  This doodle causes us to understand the Doodle craze a bit more.

@waffles_xp is just a fun Great Dane.  We love Great Danes so one had to make the list and Waffles does and not solely for the summer fashion glasses that he is sporting that we discussed in out article on Summer Dog Accessories You Need Now.