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A Round Up of the Best Dog Vet Blogs to Improve Your Dog Care Knowledge

We love our posts about the worst family dog breeds and the best dog beaches which are fun in their own right but you may be looking for some more veterinarian dog advice as a DIYer or you are just curious about the world of dog vets and want to learn more about caring for your dog from those that have spent a long time learning.  



We have gathered up some of our favorites vet blogs so you can consider following along to learn more and we will tell you why we love these vet blogs.  

Dr Belinda Vet Vlog

Ok, well not a blog per se but Dr. Belinda’s blog is fascinating.  If you are one that loves to see real live vets at work and those they are working on then Dr. Belinda’s vlog is for you.  Everything from Octomom’s, a Frenchie’s birth to 8 adorable puppies via cesarean to the tales of a sock eater Dr. Belinda shows the goods and either you won’t be able to turn away and will know more about the life of a very cute dog or you will feel a bit nauseous.   

Vet Help Direct

Vet Help direct is a different sort of dog vet blog and may prove to be a handy alternative to panicking and running to a vet since they offer a symptom checker, poisons guide and a pet health library and ask a vet similar to our offering with our partnership with Wag.  


I love Veterinary


This is another great blog with veterinary focused articles in a dedicated “pet owners” category.  There is some great information here about vaccines and dog physiotherapy and more written from the perspective a vet students or actual vets.  There are a lot of product reviews as well.  


While we love to provide referrals to vets and link to vet articles and advice we definitely know we are not the vet and always appreciate some assistance to the vet part of the team.  

Prestige Animal Hospital


We knew this was a quality blog when they discussed CBD for pets and unlike many vets actually recognized in the first paragraph that CBD for pets has many proven uses for pets such as EpilepsyOsteoarthritis, and Anxiety but also recognizing there may be more and that the quality, storage conditions, manufacturing all make a difference in how CBD for dogs will work for your pet.  There are many more great articles on their blog that will be helpful for all pet lovers such as the Ultimate Pet Care Guide, an awesome resource for pet lovers.  


Walkerville Pet Blog

This is a great resource for articles from vets that know what they are talking about and write in a very friendly readable way.  We also love they way they dispel myths that can be so rampant in bogging as bloggers tend to just regurgitate other blogs.  The Walkerville team dispels internet myths of eating almonds and walnuts and gives the true skinny on so much more.  


Give it a read for vet advice and more.  

We hope you like these vets blogs as much as we do since we appreciate getting good health information about our dogs.    


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