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Aaron Judge and Gus: All About the Dachshund Companion to this Star

Sports bring joy and entertainment to millions of fans around the world. While we enjoy watching athletes excel on the field or court, it’s equally delightful when they reveal their everyday passions. One such example is Aaron Judge, a star player for the New York Yankees, who recently captivated fans with a video on TikTok featuring his beloved Dachshund puppy, Gus. The adorable pup quickly became a favorite among both players and fans, adding an extra dose of cuteness to the baseball field. Which prompted us to want to know more about the lovable Dachshund.

Small long coated blonde dachshund outside standing on the grass.

Aaron Judge and Gus’s Playful Adventure

The New York Yankees’ social media team recently shared a video that showcased Aaron Judge having a playful romp with his Dachshund puppy, Gus, on the baseball field. As the video circulated, fans couldn’t help but fall in love with the adorable sight of Gus joyfully exploring the expansive green space while his dad ran alongside him. However, these sights also cause us to want to explore the wonderful Dachshund dog breed.

Baseball player Aaron Judge running with his Dachsund.
Aaron Judge and Gus at Yankees Stadium as seen on TikTok

Different Types of Dachshund Dogs Including Long Haired Dachshunds Like Gus

Dachshunds are charming and distinctive dogs known for their elongated bodies and short legs. Originating in Germany, these hounds were originally bred for hunting badgers. Over time, dachshunds, like Gus, have become popular like Mini Goldendoodles as companions and family dogs and come in various types, each possessing unique characteristics. Here are three types of Dachshunds.

Smooth-Haired Dachshunds

Smooth-haired dachshunds, also known as shorthaired or wirehaired dachshunds, are one of the most common types. Their coat is short, smooth, and dense, requiring minimal grooming. They have a sleek appearance and are often seen in a variety of colors and patterns, including solid colors like red, black, and tan, as well as dappled, brindle, or piebald patterns.

Black and brown Dachshunds standing outside looking at the camera.
Smooth coated Dachshund

Wire-Haired Dachshunds

Wire-haired dachshunds possess a unique and distinctive coat that sets them apart from other types. Their coarse, wiry coat serves as a protective layer against harsh terrain, making them suitable for hunting purposes. Regular grooming is necessary to maintain their characteristic scruffy appearance. Wire-haired dachshunds have a playful and friendly temperament, making them beloved family pets.

Small grey and tan wire haired Dachshund.
Wire haired Dachshund

Long-Haired Dachshunds

Long-haired dachshunds, like Gus, are a captivating variation of this breed. Their flowing and elegant coat is their defining feature, setting them apart from their smooth and wire-haired counterparts. The long hair requires more maintenance, including regular brushing to prevent matting and tangling. These dachshunds often have a silky, slightly wavy coat that we saw as Gus ran along with Judge, that gives them a regal and luxurious appearance.

Long-haired dachshunds are available in a range of colors and patterns, similar to smooth-haired dachshunds. They can be seen in solid colors like red, black, and tan, as well as dappled, brindle, or piebald patterns. The longer fur on their ears, chest, belly, and tail creates a sense of elegance and grace.

Despite their glamorous appearance, long-haired dachshunds are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They enjoy being around people and are often excellent companions, adapting well to various living situations. Their longer hair makes them more prone to shedding, but with regular grooming and care, they make wonderful additions to any household.

Long haired Dachshund blonde in color outside on the grass.
Long haired Dachshund like Gus

7 Fun & Interesting Dachshund Facts

Here are seven fun facts about Dachshunds:

Dachshund Origin and Hunting Heritage

Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany over 300 years ago. Their name translates to “badger dog” in German (Dachs meaning badger, and Hund meaning dog). They were developed to hunt badgers and other small game, thanks to their long bodies and tenacious spirit.

Small Dog, Big Personality

As we saw Gus playfully running with Jeter, despite their small size, Dachshunds possess larger-than-life personalities. They are often described as courageous, lively, and sometimes even a bit stubborn. Their confidence and determination make them excellent watchdogs.

Sausage-Like Shape

Dachshunds’ elongated bodies and short legs give them a unique appearance often likened to a sausage or hot dog. Their distinctive shape is due to a genetic condition called achondroplasia, which results in dwarfism.

Versatile Dachshunds

Dachshunds may be renowned for their hunting skills, but they are also versatile in other roles. They can participate in various dog sports, such as agility, obedience, and tracking. Dachshunds are even skilled in scent detection and have been used as search and rescue dogs and emotional support dogs and more.

Variety of Sizes

Dachshunds come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and kaninchen (rabbit). The standard size typically weighs between 16 and 32 pounds (7 to 14 kilograms), while miniature dachshunds weigh between 11 and 16 pounds (5 to 7 kilograms). Kaninchen dachshunds are the smallest and weigh less than 11 pounds (5 kilograms).

Vocal Tendencies aka Loud!

Dachshunds have a reputation for being vocal. They have a strong sense of self and are not shy about expressing their opinions through barking. This trait makes them excellent watchdogs, alerting their owners to potential intruders or unfamiliar noises.

Celebrity Love

Aaron Judge is not the only celebrity that has a love for Dachshunds, Dachshunds have captured the hearts of many more famous personalities. Throughout history, notable individuals like Pablo Picasso, Queen Victoria, and even John F. Kennedy owned and adored Dachshunds. These celebrity connections have contributed to the breed’s popularity and cultural significance.

Whether it’s their adorable appearance, spirited personalities, or rich history, Dachshunds continue to captivate dog lovers around the world with their unique charm.


Aaron Judge’s romp with Gus provided a delightful insight into the bond between a baseball superstar and his Dachshund companion. Beyond the baseball field, these charismatic canines bring joy, loyalty, and endless entertainment to the lives of their owners. Whether through heartwarming posts or learning about the breed’s history and unique traits, the world of Dachshunds continues to captivate dog lovers everywhere.

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