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Best Calming Spray for Dogs

We all want the happiest dog possible but alas your dog may show signs of anxiety due to stressful situations caused by many things such as a trip to a vet, dog separation anxiety, a doggie car ride, or the natural occurrence of loud noises like thunder and lightning.

Rat terrier dog sitting in the backseat of a car with a bottle of calm hemp cbd spray.

Anxious dogs are nothing for a pet parent to take lightly since not only is there the potential for destructive behaviors but as dog behavior experts tell us, a pet’s anxiety may in fact get worse if not addressed. So, we just had to highlight an innovation that may help, calming hemp CBD pet sprays.

Benefits of Calming Pet Sprays

There is a wealth of natural calming aids now on the market but calming hemp pet sprays are loved for their convenience, versatility, and effectiveness by bringing on an overall calming effect to your dog and with natural ingredients.

We simply love having the option of a calming dog spray that we can pack and take on the go. Dogs like Oliver, which we featured here have literally changed for the better as a result of calming dog sprays.

Oliver, like many a toddler, was perfectly happy when he was in his pet parents’ lap on the plane but when it came time for him to go in his crate and under the seat, he got anxious and whined causing a bit of chaos on the plane.

Calm Calming Hemp CBD Pet Spray

There are many choices when considering the best calming aids for your dog, as we discuss Five Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety here such as dog pheromones, plug-in diffusers, and music but today we are going to focus on our favorite way to relieve a pet’s anxiety, and what we think is the best calming spray, Calm all-natural CBD Chicken Flavored sprays with CBD from hemp and calming terpenes.

We love Calm for its versatility and ease. Other dog calming solutions are made for the home or take some time to take effect to reduce dog anxiety and promote a sense of calm for your pet.

Calm is an effective product and provides a great option since it is water-soluble so its effect is fast as it enters the body with liposomes that can provide targeted relief without having to wait for a product to work its way through a digestive system or have an impact on other bodily systems, like pheromones.

Here are the Top benefits of Calm, Calming Dog Spray:

1) Calm Calming Dog Spray is Easy to Use.

Calm can be sprayed in your dog’s mouth on the go or at home. There is no need to mess with droppers of oil as traditional hemp oil, or the need to outfit your dog with a vest or any other item, or wait for natural essential oils to take effect.

A few quick sprays of Calm directly in your dog’s mouth, on a treat like in this recipe here, or in a broth like in our hemp bone broth recipe here which can be poured over food or given as a quick drink will quickly and easily promote a nice sense of calm for your dog.

We find the convenience and ease of use of Calm essential since a few quick sprays prior to vet visits and long car rides, or on a plane are fast and effective.

Spraying hemp spray on homemade dog food.
You can easily spray Calm hemp spray onto homemade dog food.

2) Calm Calming Dog Spray is Natural and Ultrapure.

You may have heard about the need to have ultrapure hemp oil. This is true, hemp is an amazing plant which is one that has a fascinating root uptake system which means that it takes on impurities in the soil in which it is grown.

In addition, much hemp oil is produced offshore or in a facility that is not FDA regulated. As a result of the incredible anecdotal evidence of the benefits of hemp and CBD, many producers attempted to capitalize on the quick and sudden growth in popularity of hemp and CBD and some did that by taking shortcuts in the quality.

As a consumer and caretaker of your dog, you need to consider where the hemp and CBD you buy for your pet came from.  You can be confident in Calm since it is made from hemp grown in the USA. Calm is tested over four times for purity and Calm is produced in the USA in an FDA registered facility.

If you would like to see any testing for Calm we can provide it. Our testing indicates that Calm is pure and only contains what it is meant to and has no impurities, that you may fear from CBD oil in general.

Pug dog lying on the floor looking out the window.
Calm provides a relaxing effect to pets.

3) Calm CBD from Hemp Dog Spray is Made With Superior Technology.

You may have learned about nanotechnology and the increase in the use of liposomal technology that we discuss here.

Ultimately, each of our bodies and our dog’s bodies has a mechanism for absorbing certain nutrients. If a product is natural oil-based, such as hemp and CBD, it will move through our digestive system and we will not feel the effects until it is digested by our bodies, it will take a long time to have targeted relief. At the same time as the product moves through our digestive system, it will be lost to the digestive system and not be absorbed throughout our body at optimum levels.

Calm is produced with nanotechnology which means that it will provide the best results since the active ingredients will be absorbed with more efficiency and efficacy than traditional hemp and CBD oils which are not manufactured using nanotechnology.

4) Calm Calming CBD Dog Spray Contains Added Calming Terpenes.

Many CBD oil products you find on the market contain nothing but CBD. However, the makers of Calm CBD spray, also considered the extensive research behind terpenes and the beneficial effects that researchers have been finding with pure terpenes (not synthetic versions) from plants.

As researchers discuss in an article titled Terpenes: Substances in Human Healthcare, terpenes are naturally occurring substances produced by a wide variety of plants and animals. A broad range of the biological usefulness of terpenoids includes cancer chemopreventive effects, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antihyperglycemic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic activities (also beneficial given the effects of worms on dogs).

The major conclusion is that the larger-scale use of terpenoids in modern medicine should be considered.  Our biochemists are terpene specialists and added a proprietary blend to ensure that we utilized this powerful natural calming option to amplify the effects of calming CBD.

Dogs may have anxiety and be stressed for several reasons including; a new environment like a new home, general stress, road trips, a trip to the vet, loud noises, like thunder, lighting, or the fourth of July.   (Read more about dog stress and how to reduce dog stress here)

Black cat with yellow eyes being held with a bottle of Calm hemp spray.
Our cat getting some Calm spray

Our dog Dozer loves Calm for his road trip and our cat when she has nerves from loud noises and dogs playing and roughhousing around her.

As a pet owner, this is a huge concern and may actually give you stress as well and for your pet result in noise phobias, dog aggression problems which we wrote about here, and other behavioral problems including separation anxiety which can lead to incredibly destructive behavior.

I recall my parents’ Great Dane actually chewing up the entire living room when faced with separation anxiety. Pet anxiety is no small thing if you have had to deal with it since the resulting behavior issues can be so dramatic.

CBD products have been a welcome natural solution to managing stressful times with a dog and present an extremely good option for dealing with a pet’s anxiety and stress. However, all CBD products are not created equal. But one of the best things we have as pet owners is options and innovative products like, Calm CBD from hemp anxious pets can provide welcome relief, address a dog’s anxiety, and make for a calm dog.

Calm comes in two varieties, a Calming Spray for dogs and a cat calming spray as well. You can spray in your dog’s mouth, make a CBD dog treat, or spray in water.

Calm cat spray
Calm dog spray

Cat lovers may find that spraying on food or a treat is the best option to provide calming relief for their cat family member when they use Calm Cats calming spray.

 You may also be interested in our article on Kong Recipes to reduce dog anxiety here.

Calming Dog Spray FAQ

What is the best calming dog spray?

The best calming dog spray is one that is effective and will have a relaxing effect on your pet and one that is easy to give to your pet. We think that Calm hemp CBD spray is the best spray for its quality, effectiveness and ease of use.

Does calming spray work?

Whether or not your calming spray works will depend on the type you choose, the ingredients, and the quality. Many essential oil sprays will not be pure and may not be impactful. A calm hemp CBD spray that is made with quality ingredients and superior manufacturing like nano CBD manufacturing will be very effective.

What do vets recommend to calm dogs?

Vets will likely recommend a pharmaceutical to calm dogs which may leave dogs groggy and will be hard on your dogs liver. There are natural ways to calm your dog down including calm CBD sprays.