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Best CBD Pet Treats – Easy Dog DIY Pet Treats

Dog owners love making their furry friends happy and there is no better way than with a tasty CBD treat that provides healthy benefits for your dog, like a CBD pet treat made with our innovative hemp CBD sprays.

Dog bones of different shapes and sizes and dog hemp CBD spray lying on a white surface.

It is easy  to make a CBD treat with Calm and Relieve Plus CBD hemp sprays from The Popular Pets that your pet will love.

Adding CBD to Your Pet Treats vs Buying CBD Treats

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Calm and Relieve Plus Hemp Spray can be helpful for dogs

The easy and tasty hemp spray of Calm and Relieve Plus can be added to your pet’s favorite treats for no fuss wellness benefits for your pet.

No more second guessing the correct dosage of hemp and CBD and how much hemp your pet is actually getting and if the correct dosage of important cannabinoids is in the hemp treat or cooked out of it with excessive heat and preservation techniques.

Instead, when making your own easy treats you know your pet will love with Calm and Relieve Plus you will be certain to have the correct dosage of hemp for your dog.

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Benefits of Adding CBD from Hemp to Your Dogs Treats

By spraying Calm on your treats, your dog will experience the calming effect of hemp and terpenes specially selected and formulated for a calming effect.  A couple of sprays of Calm on a pet treat will make your dog an easy calming hemp treat. 

By spraying Relieve Plus hemp spray on your dog’s treats, your dog will experience the pain relief effects of Relieve Plus which contains, anti inflammatory MSM, Boswellia, dog supportive natural yucca and hemp concentrate for a plant powered pain relief and joint support.  Your dog will enjoy the hemp dog treat for pain relief.

Our dogs have favorite treats that we can use to make hemp treats for dogs but to make this the most wholesome treat as possible make sure that the treats you select are free of artificial ingredients and fillers.  All store-bought treats will have a nutrition label.  The label will list items in descending order so it will be easy to tell the relative content of wholesome foods.

Once you select your dog’s favorite treat the rest is easy!  Just spray some CBD from hemp from Calm or Relieve Plus on your treats and you have a CBD treat for your pet!

Key Benefits of DIY Hemp Dog Treat with Relieve Plus or Calm

-No second guessing how much CBD is in your dog’s treat

-You know your pet already loves the treat you selected

-The tasty natural chicken flavored spray will only add to the yummy treat

-You get all of the benefits of hemp CBD knowing it is in your treat and has not been destroyed by storage or cooking.

Give your dog CBD treat today!

Pit bull type dog chewing on a bone with the ingredients and directs of how to spray treats with cbd hemp spray.
Dog hemp CBD treat recipe

Dog CBD Hemp Treat FAQs

What is a good CBD dog treat recipe?

You do not need to buy store bought CBD hemp dog treats you can simply apply hemp CBD spray, like Calm or Relieve-Plus to treats that you know your dog loves. The benefits of doing this are that you will be certain to have the correct CBD hemp pet dosage, quality and a treat your dog loves so there will be no waste and your dog will get your pet what they need.

What is a good CBD Dog Treats Recipe?

You can actually apply dog CBD to any dog treat but if you want to make your own dog treats first then apply the pet hemp CBD dog spray to your homemade treats.

How long does it take dog CBD treats to work?

The answer of how long it takes dog CBD treats to work will depend on the CBD type you are using and whether or not the dog CBD has advanced nano bioavailability. If you are using bioavailable nano CBD like Relieve Plus or Calm it will take about 20 minutes to get into your dog’s system. CBD oils will take longer and upwards of an hour and more.