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Best dog bumper stickers (Complete with Free Printable File)

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and found the annoyance eased slightly by the amusing and fun dog bumper stickers on the car in front of you and thought that is the best dog bumper sticker?  


If you had trouble remembering those amusing dog bumper stickers we collected the ones we love most here.  


Show your love of dogs with some classic and fun dog bumper stickers. 


● I’m So Happy I Could Pee

● Bark Less, Wag More

  • Stay Pawsitive
  • I believe in dog
  • Dogs on Board, Bitch Driving
  • My [insert any breed] Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student
  • Never Trust Anyone Not Covered in Dog Hair
  • If You Don’t Like Dog Hair, Don’t Get In My Car
  • I love my dogs (available on Chewy)
  • Dog is my Co-Pilot (available at the Pilot Store)
  • Who rescued Who?  (Available on Chewy)
Don’t just get amused by dog bumper stickers get your own.  We have added some of our favorites for free download in our Pawsome people collection of printables. You can have your dog bumper stickers printed at sites like Cafepress