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CBD Infused Icing for a Dog Cake to Make You and Your Pet Smile

Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to the most famous athlete’s are incorporating CBD into their lives and their parties so why wouldn’t our pets with this CBD infused Dog friendly icing for a cake?  It is a given that we celebrate our pet’s birthdays (actually in the time of Covid we celebrate everything!) so when we turn to fun pet recipes we not only focus on pleasing our pet (and ourselves) with a cherished dog recipe fit for the celebration but we also focus on adding a little CBD into the mix like this easy five ingredient CBD infused Icing for a Dog Cake recipe which can actually be used for the healthy dog cake as well.

So when you are planning for your next party check out this CBD Infused Icing for a dog cake recipe.  We left out the sugar since sugar is not the best for pets but a scoop here or there is fine for people as well. 

This Icing for a dok cake recipe is easy, it is fun, and it will be the hit of the party amongst all of the celebrations (and if you want to add some to your own party libation check out Calm for people on Amazon! for more infused fun!)

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