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Paws Chronic Dog Pain During Pet Pain Awareness Month

 In North America, it is estimated that about 40% of dogs suffer from chronic pain associated with dog osteoarthritis alone but chronic pain is complex and may result from an old injury, dental issues, and many more factors that are hard to identify mostly due to our dog’s stoicism. At the same time, chronic pain is dramatically impacting our dogs’ quality of life.  

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Chronic Pet Pain Awareness Month

During Animal Pain Awareness Month, started by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM), The Popular Pets, a site dedicated to providing content and products to increase your enjoyment with your pet, is sharing tips to encourage dog lovers to identify and understand chronic pain, offering tricks to manage it, and giving away a Mystery Mobility Box this September. 

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The Problem With Chronic Pain in Dogs

Studies show that the lifespan of dogs has doubled in the last four decades, yet at the same time more than 45 million household pets suffer from chronic or acute pain The Popular Pets’ mission is to help pets stay comfortable and happy during all years of their life.  

The Dog Mystery Mobility Box

Supporting dog mobility wellness leads to big wellness wins for dogs and helps fend off chronic pain at many of the primary sources.   So, enter to win the Mystery Mobility Box Giveaway today and check out the many resources your dog will appreciate at The Popular Pets!

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