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How to Start an Instagram Account for my Dog

Bulldog with star sunglasses

You have brought your pup home and think he is the most adorable thing you have ever seen in your life and you are likely absolutely correct.  Now, the next thing is to show that adorableness to the entire world, and what better way to do that than an Instagram account for your dog, you may be asking “How to start an Instagram account for your dog?  “Or how do I add an Instagram account for my dog?” 


Well, we have you, while you concentrate on being the best puppy parent there is we will walk you through the simple steps of creating an Instagram account for your dog and what you need to consider.  Remember Instagram is not like Facebook, you can create an Instagram account for your dog independent from your own, it can be a personal account or a business account.  


Step #1 The Dog Instagram Handle


Choosing the right Instagram handle is nothing to take lightly and will be a reflection of you and your pup.  We go through an exhaustive analysis of dog Instagram handles in our book Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to navigating life with your dog but to summarize here, think this one though!   


Kaia Australian Shepherd

@donttouchmyauss is a creative and memorable username for Instagram

Your Instagram handle is a fun place to reflect you and your dog’s personality, breed or anything else about you.  The Instagram handle for a business is easy but for a dog not so much.  See @bygolliemisterollie an adorable little one with extremely large ears that make any person scrolling exclaim “by gollie” or @donttouchmyauss a fun-loving Australian Shepherd named Kaia, the winner of our Motherpuppin’ Adorable Contest 


Step #2 Pick a Theme of a Direction for Your Dog’s Instagram Account


On Instagram, you will find accounts for foodies, photographers, hikers, adventurers and so much more.  Who is your pup and what type of person will find an affinity with your pup?


See our Sporty dogs on Instagram article – are you one of those? Or, are you a funny dog Instagram account like your 5 Funny Dog Instagram accounts to follow?


Step #3 Write Your Dog’s Instagram Bio


We have a lot of advice about writing your description in Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s but mainly you want to use the space in your description to describe your pup.  Let everyone know his breed, age or DOB, like and dislikes, and be creative! 


Remember the name area is searchable so use it to add something interesting that people will be searching for so they can find your cute furry friend first.


Step #4 Seek Inspiration From Other Dog Instagram Accounts


Famous Social media dogs

These famous dogs on social media can provide inspiration find them in our Dogfluencer Dog Quiz

Technically this could also be number 1 but before you start posting you will want to seek inspiration from others and see what works to entertain others.  Instagram has been going for a long time now and there are some pretty famous dogs we call dogfluencers that deserve a follow. 


Check them out and find them in our Dogfluencer Quiz here where you find the most popular dogs on Instagram if you don’t know them already. 

Find more inspiration in our article 9 Funny Dog Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Step #5 Start Posting 

Go live and start posting.  Remember to post great pics that will entertain and delight your followers which usually means good photography, stay attuned to trends and enjoy!  


If you need some more inspiration check out 33 Captions for Dog Instagram Accounts to Inspire You


 Dog Instagram Account FAQs


How do Dog Instagram Accounts Make Money?


Instagram accounts are monetized in various different ways.  If you obtain enough followers your dog may be an influencer and be paid to feature products and services of brands.  The payment for this may be through products or actual money.  


Certain dogs that achieved incredible fame like @dougthepug appear in movies and now sell products since they have a captive audience.  


How Much do Instagram Accounts Cost?


Instagram accounts are free to have.  If you get any apps that help you post or you pay for advertising of course those will cost money.


How Do I Think of Dog Instagram Account Captions?


Be creative and start by describing what you are doing.  Also, check out out our post 33 Captions for Dog Instagram Accounts to Inspire You


Should My Dog Instagram Account be a Business Account?


You can choose either a personal, creator, or business account on Instagram and they each have slightly different features.  You are likely going to be considered a creator, which will be the most beneficial.


How Do I Grow My Dog Instagram Account?


This is an aged old question.  There are no shortcuts or buying followers, the most powerful and effective way is through true engagement, follow, comment and like other posts and really engage.  However, primarily you also need to post quality content that people will want to see and this is done with good photography and interesting shots.