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DOG QUIZ! If You score over 75% then you should probably get a dog!

Getting a dog is a huge decision which is plagued with questions like can you manage the responsibility of a dog?  Do you have enough time?  Can I afford a dog?  Am I capable enough to manage a dog?  There are so many questions to ask yourself which are all serious since getting a dog is a serious decision enveloped with a large responsibility, however, one thing is true for most things: if the desire is there then your ability to accomplish it will follow.

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Plus bonus, we all know that dogs make us happier!

Which is why this fun quiz focuses on how much getting a dog occupies your life and desires.  Take this ultimate dog quiz to learn more about yourself and about how much prospective doggie parenthood occupies your life and then get ready by learning about the happiest dog breeds and the best family dogs!

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