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DOG QUIZ! If You score over 75% then you should probably get a dog!

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Getting a dog is a huge decision.  Can you manage the responsibility of a dog?  Do you have enough time?  Can I afford a dog?  Am I capable enough to manage a dog?  There are so many questions to ask yourself which are all serious since getting a dog is a serious decision enveloped with a large responsibility, however, one thing is true for most things: if the desire is there then your ability to accomplish it will follow.

Which is why this fun quiz focuses on how much getting a dog occupies your life and desires.  Take it to learn more about yourself and about how much prospective doggie parenthood occupies your life.







When you are done give a listen to The Popular Pet’s founder, Kendra Clark on The Grown Up Millennial Podcast Episode 80, You Should Probably Get a Dog

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