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Ultimutt Dog Quiz: do you know your mutts and can you guess these mixed breed dogs?

As we start to celebrate mutts (more than we already do everyday) heading into National Mutt Day we thought we would test our mutt savvy with this fun dog quiz.  The Ultimutt Quiz!

A picture of a small mixed breed dog with a yellow graphic indicating this is a dog quiz.

The predictability of a purebred is now available with DNA testing and with companies like Embark, you can now know what breed your dog is whether or not you have their papers or you found your dog in the street and were lucky enough to get to keep him.  You can now know the exact breed of your furry pal and we can test your knowledge of dog breeds.

With this dog breed information we can put ourselves to the test to see just how much we know about dog breeds to see if we can guess these breeds in the Ultimutt Dog Quiz!

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