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Dog Subscription Box to Love, Celebrate Senior Dog Box 

The Popular Pet’s new Celebrate Senior Dog Subscription Box’s name says it all.  The Dog Subscription Box caters to the specific unique wellness needs of Senior dogs with tried and true wellness products tested by the Chief Product Officer, Zooey, a 16-year-old mixed breed rescue, and many other senior dogs to ensure that each box is jam-packed with wellness to make the golden years you share with your dog even better.

Senior dog subscription box with a golden retriever putting a paw on it.

You will appreciate the value of tried and tested products that are valued at over $100 for less than 50% of that cost and your senior dog will appreciate the additional support.

Senior dog people can agree on one thing: our seniors deserve the best and just because they have some arthritis, are less active, and sometimes don’t hear us, we still love them with all of our hearts.

How does the Celebrate Senior Dog Subscription Box work?

1. Join the Celebrate Senior Dog Subscription Waitlist

First, join the waitlist here so you are the first to know when we launch.  

2. When we announce our Celebrate Senior Dog Box launch sign up!

If you have, a sweet senior, you sign up for the Celebrate Senior Dog Box so that your senior will enjoy the wellness benefits of themed supplements, treats, tools, and products specifically selected for Senior dog care.  All wellness picks will address common dog senior health issues and we will give you a li’l info on what it’s all about we will also provide you the option to add bonus items at a discount.

Brown and white dog with glasses at a computer.

If all that sounds good, you can check out with a bi-monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

3. Stare Out The Window

All that’s left is to await your first shipment eagerly, greeting the postman with a happy doggy smile is highly encouraged. In addition to your senior dog’s new favorite wellness care products, your box will include a welcome letter, a seasonally themed dog bandana (for a quick selfie of you and your senior), and a guide to your wellness products.

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Brown and white dog looking out the window waiting for a senior dog box.

Your next box will automatically reship every two months—just have a drool towel ready for impromptu puddles and get ready for a happier and more comfortable senior dog.

What’s In The Box?

Dog person to dog person, we at The Popular Pets were consistently confused by all of the various wellness product options and how we can best support our seniors but through trial (and error) we found some products that our seniors really love and have improved the quality of their lives and ours!  

We would never give your pup anything we wouldn’t give our own. In fact, we’re pretty obsessive over sourcing, testing, and finding products for senior dogs, and we hope you are, too.

Dog Wellness Products in Every Celebrate Senior Dog Box

The Popular Pets will curate 2-3 tried and true high-quality pet products to address the needs of senior dogs every two months.  

Senior dog box photo of dog box contents.

Senior dog wellness needs like mobility, grooming, nail care, dental care, and more will be featured.  Quality always comes first when our seniors are involved and that’s why every curated box ensures that the products are made with the highest quality and love.  Furthermore, they are confirmed to actually do all the good things once they’re in or on the body to improve the lives of our senior dogs as they are supposed to. 

Dog Wellness Tools

Not all senior dog wellness care is about what goes in our dogs but certain tools also make senior dog care easier, like that super massager, favorite toothbrush, and more. 

What is in the Celebrate Senior Dog Box

Each Celebrate Senior Dog Box will have a tool that has made our lives easier and our senior dogs’ lives better.  

Senior Dog Mobility Treats

No matter the theme of the box each box will contain special treats to address mobility.  These won’t be conventional treats from the grocery store but treats that include super additional ingredients to support mobility since all of us could use that lift. 

Mobility is an important part of aging and happiness and with a varying selection of treats in each box you and your senior will find a new favorite!

Seasonal Dog Bandana

We have enjoyed our lives with dogs for many years.  Two things we routinely contemplate are do I have enough photos of my senior dog and the constant nagging do I make my senior feel special enough in their golden years?

While a dog bandana may not fix all self-doubt, we do believe that a fresh seasonal bandana does make dogs feel special and usually result in a shareable photo op!

Dog Senior Dog Box Add-Ons

Each box will have the option of a mobility supplement add-on regardless of the theme of the Box and more in the future.

Looking to one-up your senior dog’s game? Join the waitlist for the Celebrate Senior Dog Box and be the first to know about our launch and get 20% off as a founding subscriber.