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Dog Treat at Starbucks: Dispelling the urban myth of dog treats at Starbucks

If you are a frequent Starbucks lover like me and would love for your pet to enjoy a treat as well, albeit non-caffeinated then you have likely reviewed the Starbucks menu for a dog friend treat from Starbucks and thought much to your dismay that there was none.  


You may be wrong and you and your pet could be enjoying a treat together soon but you have to know what to ask for and be in the right locale or so it seems.


Does Starbucks Offer Dog Treats? Is the Puppuccino Myth or Real?


We noticed a lot of anecdotal evidence of a secret dog treat from Starbucks so we decided to talk to the Company themselves and here is what we found.


According to Starbucks customer service representatives when we asked if the Puppuccino is available their response was the “Puppuccino is not an official menu item but customers have the ability to order extra whip cream for their beverage and we have seen customers order this for the dog”


We have been advised that the policies are different at different Starbucks and it depends on which Starbucks you frequent and try to get dog treats from Starbucks.


Well . . . that did not seem very helpful so we tried it ourselves and here is what we found.  


We are a mobile app user and nope . . .no Puppuccino there.  So, when we went through the drive thru to pick up our order we asked to add on a Puppuccino and we were met with a quizzical stare.  When we explained things got a little better and we we were given a cup of whip cream for our furry pal.

So we are guessing yes, the Puppuccino is real. You just have to order in IRL and be in a dog friendly city or at least have a dog so cute the barista cannot resist.

What is a Starbucks Puppuccino?

Where it is offered, a Starbucks Puppuccino is simply whipped cream in a cup.  That can be licked up and enjoyed by your dog.

Is the Puppuccino Dog Treat From Starbucks a Healthy Treat for My Dog? 

You may give your dog milk and dairy products like cheese as a training bite or milk left over in cereal and think nothing of it.  However, dogs are typically lactose intolerant and can get pancreatitis if they consume too much dairy according to Petmd.  

Dogs also should not consume too much sugar so ensure that the Puppuccino you get is sugar free whip cream and not sweetened at all, although that seems fun.  

Is the Puppuccino Dog Treat at Starbucks Free?

This seems to depend on the Starbucks you frequent.  There are several people that reported they were charged or that they were charged for the add on whip cream.  Since Starbucks does not have an official policy the way that the  Puppuccino dog treat at Starbucks is handled is completely different depending on the location.  

Can I make the Puppuccino Dog Treat at Starbucks Myself?

Of course you can make the Puppuccino Dog treat from Starbucks yourself!  Simply get whipped cream from your local grocery store and whip until it is stiff with what are called peaks.  Place in bowl or short cup and serve to one happy pet.  

To avoid tummy troubles we like to go with coconut whipped cream.  Simply chill a can of whole fat coconut milk and then whip the coconut milk once chilled the same as you would whip to make whipped cream.  

Although we add sweetener and vanilla to human whipped cream you do not need to add any to your dogs but a few sprinkles of some liver powder will really add some flair kind of like chocolate dust we suppose.  


The Pupuccinno dog treat from Starbucks is a fun way to share the joy of Starbucks with your pup pal.  Next time you are out and about with your pet see if your Starbucks barista knows what a Puppuccino Dog treat from Starbucks is and let us know how it goes since this item is not officially on the Starbucks menu but hopefully it will be soon.  

Let us know in the comments below if you have enjoyed a Puppuccino with your pet!