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Doggie Wedding Bag Checklist

So, you have decided to include your dog into your wedding and used our preplanning dog wedding checklist to get organized and our thirty ways to include your dog in your wedding to hone in on how he will be included. 


Now it is time to get organized!


Here are some top tips for making the day special and ensuring that the doggie  bag is set so your dog caregiver has everything they need to keep your pet happy. 


  • Wedding Leash. You likely have a new leash and collar for the day.  Make sure they are accessible and easy to find for the pet sitter.


  • Wedding Outfit. You may have selected a sharp doggie tux, special flower collar or more put these items in the bag.
  • Doggie Treats. Make sure that your dog has some treats that will occupy them.  Mind the sound.  Consider that traditional dog treats may have a crunch and may not be the most highly valued (if you like me tend to give them a lot).  Get or make some high value special treats that if need to be given during a ceremony or other period that a dog crunch may not be appreciated.


  • Water and food bowl. Your dog may be with you for a while they will likely be too excited to eat but they will definitely need water.


  • Jacket or sweater. If your dog tends to get cold ensure they have the outwear they need to keep warm in the evening.

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