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Easy CBD Dog Treats for Your Senior Dog: Keep Your Senior Dog Mobile and Happy

When our beloved dogs get into their senior years they may need a little support with mobility and comforts by way of softer beds and softer foods (don’t we all!).  They rely on us to manage the special needs in their elder years.  We told you about Zooey, she has got a new lease on life with Relieve Plus CBD from Hemp Spray.  There are tons of things we can do to make our senior dogs like Zooey more comfortable but one big one is providing plenty of well deserved CBD Dog Treats.  


CBD Support for Senior Dogs

There are many helpful products on the market to keep your aging pooch moving and mobile. That’s when we turn to CBD as a way to support and enhance the vitality of our senior dogs.

The clear benefit to using CBD as an alternative to traditional dog medication is that it’s highly effective for chronic pain relief and anxiety relief. It can be used to help improve mobility in our older dogs. CBD can help keep joints and ligaments strong and flexible, keeping our dogs mobile and active.

If your senior dog is having trouble walking, maybe the medication has failed, or the side effects of the medication are intolerable, CBD can be a real life saver. It can help. CBD is also becoming popular for pain relief for older dogs.


Why Your Senior Dog Needs Softer Treats

Unfortunately, a significant number of senior dogs need help with mobility. An older dog that needs support with walking is less likely to want to jump on the couch with you in the evenings. “It is important to remember that mobility issues can become more pronounced in an older dog, because these dogs are experiencing the effects of years of wear-and-tear and significant bodily function changes,” says Lori Becker, a clinical behaviorist and the owner of Your Pawsitive Approach, LLC.

Becker has found that the animals she treats for arthritis tend to be the most upset by change in their diet, including moving away from hard, chewy treats towards softer snacks. “Soft treats can help relieve anxiety and help with mobility issues,” Becker says.

Why Your Senior Dog Needs CBD Dog Treats

CBD, like Relieve Plus CBD Hemp Spray can be helpful for calming or soothing joints, relieving pain and possibly reducing inflammation. Relieve Plus CBD Hemp Spray also contains botanicals like yuccaboswellia and msm, along with CBD all known for their anti – inflammatory properties. 

In addition, CBD products like Calm CBD Hemp Spray with a soothing and calming terpenes can also help dogs get some rest if they are restless, confused or in pain.   


The older your senior dog is, the more sensitive the stomach and their entire system may be to more additives and chemicals. CBD treats are safe and gentle for your senior dog to eat and most importantly, safe for your dog to consume. When our dogs age, their teeth change, too requiring softer treats.  They are typically not the voracious chewers they once were as a puppy but appreciate softer, more gentler foods and treats.


CBD Dog treats that you can make fresh for your senior dog will be softer and contain less preservatives, gentler for their now more sensitive systems.


How to Make Easy CBD Dog Treats Recipes

There are a few suggestions and ideas that you may want to implement to keep your senior dog happy and mobile.  You could make a CBD dog treat recipe that will supply your senior dog with the benefits of CBD and provide a reward without the crunch and additives usually associated with store bought treats.

Tasty Dog chews are also helpful but this CBD Dog Treat recipe is sure to be a big hit with your senior dog. It is very common for older dogs to have more appetite issues, so giving your senior dog treats that contain CBD is sure to keep him happy and active.   Making CBD dog treats is so easy with Calm and Relieve Plus CBD Hemp Spray and has the added bonus of providing targeted relief.


Whether you have an older senior dog or not, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your pets are comfortable and healthy. The great thing about being the owner of an aging dog is that you are able to assist them when they need you most.