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4 Easy DIY Dog Treat Recipes for Fall: Including our favorite fall dog ingredients

Various dog treats displayed in a table some bones on table others in jar and others a blue and white tin

We all know the loveliness of fall and all of the fun dog activities to embark on, one of those is cooking up some easy DIY Dog Treats and using traditional fall ingredients which are actually also nutritious for dogs.   Try some of these easy fall dog treat recipes and get a leg up on your dog’s wellness.

Fall Ingredients That Are Nutritious and Beneficial for Dogs 

Dog and Pumpkin

terrier dog sitting in the grass leaning his head on an orange pumpkinOur friends and experts at Whole Dog Journal swear by Pumpkin for settling stomachs and for curing loose stools.  This is likely true since pumpkin is packed with good fiber that your dog may not routinely get.

Also, if you love high-value liver treats like us, then pumpkin may be helpful as liver is very rich and may cause loose stools.

Dogs and Cloves

As we reported in our article on Are Cloves Toxic to Dogs, much internet lore discusses the dangers of cloves and dogs but there is also ample scientific research that cloves in small amounts can be helpful to dogs and anti-inflammatory.

Dogs and Turkey

The benefits of turkey for people abound and relate to it being a lean protein full of healthy amino acids but there is that natural sedative property that is in turkey from an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, meaning that the body can’t manufacture it.

The body has to get tryptophan and other essential amino acids from food as reported by The How Stuff Works Blog.  Of course, there are the obvious cautions of avoiding bones and such which all dog lovers are accustomed to.

Dog and Peanut Butter

White dog with a black patch over his eye licking his mouth and eating peanut butterYou may not think of fall as traditionally associated with peanut butter but November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month.

Peanut butter also is packed with fats our dogs love and need and is an excellent palatable add to any dog treat recipe as we reveal in our 3 Ways to Give Your Dog Peanut Butter Plus Recipes.

Easy Fall Dog Treat Recipes to Make for Your Dog

No Bake Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats from Sizzling Eats

Get your dog some nutritious pumpkin and celebrate fall and National Peanut Butter Month with this recipe.  No cooking required and loved by children and dogs alike!

5 Ingredient Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats from Thyme of Season

Not as simple as no-bake treats but these five ingredient treats can be stored and saved and make a great crunchy  low-value dog treat snack that your dog will love and with using two traditional fall ingredients.

Zooey’s Favorite Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats from The Popular Pets

Take a page out of Zooey’s book our 16 year old rescue senior that knows what is good for her.  She loves these peanut butter dog treats with a little CBD (reach out to order).

Turkey Jerky Dog Treats from Homemade Food Junkie

We love plain recipes with few ingredients and preservatives which is why making this recipe is perfect.  Just like the liver treats we talked about here, Turkey Jerky makes a high value, healthy, portable treat for your dog.

Person and dog walking through fall scenery in the mountains on a path

We hope that fall brings you much joy and celebration and most of all an opportunity to give thanks.  Celebrate all of the holidays in November with our holiday guide and get some inspiration of fall fun to have with your dog with our Ultimate Guide to Dog Activities with 17 Fall Fun Ideas to Share with Your Dog and when you go to posting those memories you preserved in your curated photos steal some fall dog posting caption ideas!

Happy Fall!