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Five Preplanning Tips for including your Dog in your Wedding

Your love story may not be complete without your furry pal but at the same time weddings bring with them a plethora of choices and if you have made the one large choice to include your furry friend in your big day wedding you will need to do a bit of planning. 


As you consider the decision to include your dog in your wedding also consider these top tips about including your dog into your wedding day to make it the most fun and seamless experience possible. 


1)     Ensure that the Wedding Venue is Dog Friendly. 


You may assume that everyone loves dogs and in particular your best friend as much as you do but not all venues at this time are dog friendly for various reasons such as liability and health code considerations. Even when you have an outdoor venue there may be restrictions related to dogs at the venue. 


Confirm that the venue you have selected for your wedding is dog friendly well in advance before you get set on either the fur baby star of the show showing up or the venue. 



2)     Consider Your Dog’s Personality


We know our dogs best. A quick scroll through social media shows some amazing dogs showing off their well-behaved innate wedding spotlight moments but your dog of honor, as mine likely, maybe more of a dig up the garden sort that gets bored easily. 


Consider your pet’s natural tendencies and whether a special role in a wedding will be stressful for both you and your dog that is not worth it or tailor the role your want your dog to participate in your special day based on his personality. 



3)     Consider How Your Dog Will Participate in the Wedding Festivities. 


As you consider your dog’s personality also consider the role that you would like him to play in your wedding party.  I talk a lot about the various options of your dog participating in your wedding in Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s the ultimate tongue and cheek guide to navigating life with your dog but just know there are many. 


From a centerstage role such as part of the wedding party as ring bearer, flower dog (replacing the traditional flower girl) or to center stage in pictures or just pictures at another location before the event, or as a simple wedding guest there are a host of options pet owners can include their dogs in the festivities. 


Even a wedding favor dog shaped like your dog can be a way to have your beloved pet incorporated into the big day or just a cocktail hour feature at the special event. We have so many favorite dog wedding ideas we have put together a separate post available here.

4) Consider Dog Wedding Logistics.


According, to Wedding Planner Cindi Block, most often dogs are present at the pictures and ceremony or at a specific time of the day only morning or evening. 


Whatever you select ensure there is a plan to get your dog to the site and home and taken care of while at the event. A True Tail I describe in Motherpuppin Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s is of a friend that was tasked with bringing the dog to the big day. As the family member participant and mother of the bride, she has plenty to consider already and the best dog was left at home. Upon discovery panic set in and he was retrieved but alas too late for the festivities.


A lesson that it may take a hired hand not wrapped up in the big day to manage logistics so that including your furry pal in the wedding festivities can go off without a hitch.


5)     Consider the photography. 


Confirm in advance that your photographer is comfortable and willing to photograph dogs at your wedding photo shoot (this may require more patience and effort to get the right image.)

Additionally, you will want to have an assistant for the photographer no matter how much of a good boy your dog is. Your photo shoot assistance will have to be equipped with ample tools such as a dog treat selection, cute sign, fancy outfits, and more to ensure your photo session runs smoothly and they should be somewhat familiar with pet care.


Block notes that dogs can be worked into the pictures but you need to make sure that someone is there (that is not meant to be in the pictures) to work with the dog to get their attention, place the dog and ensure they are not slipping off to more exciting things. 


Bonus tip: Block says a common problem is that everyone looks at the dog during pictures. If you have someone managing the dog they will be able to concentrate on getting the perfect shot as opposed to focusing on the dog


5) Consider the Dog Wedding Attire and Designs Well Before Hand.



As your wedding comes together and you select your color themes, flowers and such don’t forget to add your doggie wedding outfit to the list. A special doggie outfit may take time to prepare to coordinate with your style. Many are available from particular Etsy sellers such as a dog bow tie, a special dog’s collar, toppers for wedding cakes, and table number and centerpieces.



Your canine companion can show up in several places it just may take some planning. Check out Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s for more ideas or our article on 25 ways to include your dog in your wedding.