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Five Ways Pets Help with Stress: How Pets Reduce Stress

Did you know your beloved pet could actually help reduce stress? Well, our pets have a whole lot of therapeutic traits including pets supporting mental healthpets can increase our happiness and pets can reduce anxiety.

Having a pet can have positive effects on your hormones, Cardiovascular disease, and blood pressure all key factors associated with stress. You can manage your stress by caring for and playing with your pet


5 Ways Pets Reduce Stress

Animal therapy for stress is becoming more popular these days. This is due to the fact and growing body of scientific supported research that pets reduce stress and help relieve the onset of depression and loneliness.

Many researches and scientific studies show that interacting with pets can also help relieve stress. That’s why many hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and schools now incorporate animal-assisted therapy programs.

  • Pets lower stress hormones: Hanging out with your pet after a stressful event reduces levels of the stress hormone. Studies show that simply petting a dog can lower the stress hormone ‘cortisol’. A therapy dog gives comfort and affection to people in a facility or to individuals who require facilitation to deal with stress.

  • Pets help to increase social interactions: Pets help to increase your social interaction with other people and their dogs. This actually increases levels of the happiness hormone oxytocin. It is the same hormone that bonds mothers to their babies. So, pets are capable of making their owners feel better and feel happier. Dr. James Griffin explained that “Animals can become a way of building a bridge for those social interactions.”

  • Pets can bring down your blood pressure: Stress is associated with increased blood pressure and heart rate. The lowering of cortisol hormone by petting and cuddling with your pet also help keep your blood pressure at bay. Pets promote relaxation and may help relieve these stress symptoms. 

  • Pets helps to increase physical activity: Pets aren’t only great for a person’s mental health, but for their physical health as well. Pet owners with dogs have to walk their pet regularly. So, this provides them with an excuse-proof daily dose of physical activity and exercise.

  • Pets offer company and love: Pets let you step outside your own problems. They can be there for you in ways that people can’t. Pets can be the best antidote to loneliness. When extra stressed, you can take your dog for a quick walk. Pets are usually loving and have a calming presence. Their unconditional love brings a smile to our faces. Cuddling and grooming your pet boosts your mood and fulfills the human need for touch.

All these advantages can reduce the amount of stress that people experience in their life. However, keep in mind that pets do come with additional work and responsibility. If you are low on motivation, pets will give you a new-found sense of purpose in life. Having responsibility for taking care of a pet makes your life more meaningful.

Final thoughts on pets reducing stress

Pets are amazing additions to any household. The presence of pets can be a great medicine during rough times when you are feeling down. These furry companions simply help us to reduce negative moods and celebrate the little joys in life.

Do you have any additional ideas how pets can improve your life and reduce stress? Share your thoughts with us. We would be happy to hear from you.

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