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Fun Dog Mom Gift Ideas: Dog related gifts for dog lovers

We love dogs, which is why we hand-selected fun dog mom gift ideas and some top dog related gifts for dog lovers.   Whether you’re looking to spoil the dog lover in your life or the person that adopted him, you’ll find options practical and fun in our wide selection of gifts. 

Draw inspiration from an array of products running the gamut from our top dog book favorites, to healthy, all-natural treats you can feel good about giving your dog. Explore our whimsical dog-themed gifts for the dog lover on your list, and provide some inspiration to make your own dog gift basket.

And when you’ve finished spoiling the four-legged dog friend with the best dog gift why not choose something for yourself?

We understand that life is better with dogs and dogs are are part of the majority of families on a worldwide basis!  We want to help you ensure that they are part of your giving traditions with perfect gifts for dogs and dog lovers with these top dog mom gift ideas.  

Chew This Journal: An Activity Book for You and Your Dog 

Chew on this Journal is a fun activity book that will help you become more engaged with your dog.  In it, you will find loads of activities and training plans. Chew This Journal provides dog owners and their dogs with step-by-step instructions for over 100 activities and training plans such as:

Dog activity journal gift.

Crafts like paw painting flowers

DIY treat puzzles

No-sew beds

Tug toys you and your dog can make together to keep, to gift to friends and family at the holidays, or even to donate to a local shelter to support dogs in need.

Chew on this Journal would be a great addition to a dog gift basket and is a great dog mom gift idea.   

An assortment of dog cookies frosted in Christmas colors for the holidays.

Dog Barkery Treat  

If you have not checked out the Dog Barkery you are missing out! 

They offer fun treats and gift packs nicely packaged and seasonal flare.  For instance, right now they have an entire Dog Thanksgiving!  Find a treat for any special moment or Holiday to add to a dog gift basket you are creating for that special dog mom or dad that you know. 

Added bonus a little Relieve-Plus or Calm CBD Hemp Spray for dogs can be added to any treat for a CBD dog treat whenever your dog mom wants.  Making it a perfect combo for a dog gift basket.

CBD Hemp Spray

Head on over to our pet collection for some dog CBD Hemp Spray.  We offer Calming CBD hemp spray and CBD hemp spray to address pain and inflammation.  These dog hemp sprays are perfect for dogs with anxiety or senior dogs with pain.  They make a great addition to any dog gift basket and are chicken flavored easy to use spray in the mouth CBD spray so the dog mom or dog dad will appreciate this gift even more. 

Bottle of relieve plus hemp spray for dogs.

No more wrestling pets to the ground to insert a dropper of oil that may or may not work through the pets system to provide targeted relief.  These fast absorbable water soluble sprays are the perfect dog gift for dog lovers.  

Matching Ugly Dog Sweaters

We found the perfect dog mom gift idea!  The holiday ugly sweater is not going out of style anytime soon so why not get a matching dog holiday sweater combo for as a gift for that dog mom in your life and their furry friend.  They will sure to be the hit of any holiday celebration and add a little fun to any celebration as well!  

Picture of a lady with a bulldog in matching Christmas sweaters.

Funny dog book for adults:  Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s.

This book is the perfect addition to add a little levity to any dog mom’s book shelf and is the book dog lovers have been yearning for, Motherpuppin’ Adorableis a fun, tongue-in-cheek read that will provide readers with the most up-to-date tools and knowledge they need to ensure that their dogs are loved by all as they navigate life. The 355-page book, filled with quizzes and expert insights, is available in Kindle and Paperback. 

The book contains practical and valuable advice on turning a special dog into a great dog. 

Inside you will find:

  • Hilarious quizzes to test your knowledge on everything from dog Instagram stars to which social media platform is the best for your dog. 
  • Illustrations from everything like the “Sporty Meter” to test your dog’s sportiness factor to a “How to Teach Your Dog to Paddle Board” series.  
  • Dear Kendra letters with in jest dog advice that rivals your favorite advice columnist.  
  • True Tails where Kendra tells true but ridiculous dog experiences.
  • Chapters dedicated to the real life challenges and opportunities that you and your “Adorable” may encounter.

Find a copy on Amazon and make it a solo gift or add it to your dog gift basket for the dog Mom or dog Dad in your life, their pet pals will appreciate it!  

Also, check out our themed Motherpuppin’ dog apparel for a bit of fun to add to any Motherpuppin’ Adorable book gift to make a cute dog related gift basket gift. 

Motherpuppin' adorable book blue in color.

Personalized Sturdy Dog Collar

We love a good dog collar but even if you like a little more glitter at times a tough and rough and tumble dog collar for hitting the trails and outdoor fun is always welcome.  This dog Mom gift idea is practical but will be appreciated.  

Picture of multiple colored dog personalized collars stacked on top of each other.

The Chill Out Dog Gift Basket.  

If you know a Dog Mom with a bit of a handful of dog on her hands from a dog that can get nervous, anxious, or does not want to calm down then a chill-out dog gift basket may be most appreciated.  Grab items from our article on five natural products to ease dog anxiety some of our favorites that make a dog gift basket stand out include:

Brown and white dog lying in the background near a dog gift basket with a book and music and CBD hemp spray in the gift basket tied with a red bow.

Cute and Funny Dog Art 

There is a lot of dog art out there and art can sometimes be very subjective but you cannot go wrong with this funny dog art printable featuring the seven AKC dog groups in a fun and light fashion.  If you are a dog lover check out this one of a kind play on the AKC dog groups to add a little fun to any decor. 

Beige dog in bed grey sheets in pine colored bed with a picture of AKC art on the wall.

Just download the printable file and take to your favorite printer and frame for a special gift that will sure to bring a smile.  

Customized Dog Socks 

Add these fun dog socks to any stocking or in a dog gift basket.  These are perfect dog mom gift keeping feet warm and adding a little dog fun these make a perfect dog gift and therefore made our dog gift guide list. 

If the dog lover in your life is also a beer lover don’t forget about our 9 dog gifts for dog and beer lovers.

Antler Dog Headbands

Dressing up our furry pals is irresistible as long as they are comfortable.  We found these adorable reindeer hats that will stay on and will be so picture worthy for some fun holiday memories and social media posting.

A perfect addition to any dog gift basket or a gift in and of itself check out this adorable gift on Etsy.  

 Do you have any dog mom gift ideas?  If so, leave them in the comments below.

Dog book on an image for dog holiday gift guide.

 We hope you enjoyed our dog gift guide with some dog mom gift ideas.  If you have any that you think should be on our list give a shout out below.  We will be creating more gift guide list to help dog lovers find the perfect dog related gifts for their loved ones.

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