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How do I give CBD to My Pet? Top Ways to Give Your Pet CBD Spray

We now know that CBD from hemp has several research backed benefits for our pets.  CBD, like Calm CBD hemp spray, can be used to reduce anxiety and stress in pets while Relieve – Plus CBD hemp spray can be used to increase pet mobility and reduce inflammation and stiffness in our pets.  


What some pet lovers struggle with and ask is how do I give CBD to my pet along with other questions like when, and how much CBD to add to their pets wellness routine to achieve the research backed beneficial effects and experience the positive benefits so many pets have with the addition of CBD.


We have taken the guesswork out for pet lovers by having a handy chicken flavored spray system on our CBD products.  Rather than messy CBD oil droppers you can give CBD hemp spray to your pets and add CBD to your pets wellness routine by adding a few simple sprays on food, treats or directly in your pet’s mouth, on a treat or in food


 Adding Hemp CBD to your pets routine is a piece of cake with these easy tips for you or your pet’s caretaker without causing any discomfort for pets and their owners.


Giving Your Pet CBD Pet Treats


The simplest way to offer a daily dose of CBD to your pet is by giving them the dose in homemade CBD treats.  We have a great and easy DIY CBD treat recipe here.  Adding CBD to treats that you know your Dogs already love removes the concern about wasting the dose.


As a pet lover, you know what sorts of treats your pet loves or hates. Giving hemp CBD spray to your pet through treats they already love is easy and a method any pet will be sure to enjoy.  


Directions for CBD Pet Treats:  


Make our CBD pet treat recipe or purchase your pet’s favorite pet treats.  Spray 2-5 sprays (depending on dog size) of Calm or Relieve – Plus CBD hemp spray on treats.  


Benefits Giving CBD Dog Treats:  

You know how much CBD your dog is getting and you can be certain your dog is getting quality CBD in a treat they already enjoy.  With store bought CBD treats it may be difficult to discern the exact amount of CBD in the treat or to be sure that the treats are in a flavor your dog enjoys.

  1. Add CBD Hemp Sprays Direct in Your Pets Mouth

We made our chicken flavored CBD hemp sprays for cats and dogs easy to use as we know that you are busy and don’t have time to grab a partner to hold your pet and administer a messy dropper of oil that may not even be absorbed into your pets system.  Relieve- Plus and Calm are both chicken flavored and sprayable. 



Here is how to use:

  1. Get dog or cat (some cats may not like sprayer in which case a food or treat application is best)
  2. Lift side of mouth
  3. Spray 3-5 sprays of Calm or Relieve Plus.  Easy as that and welcomed by your pet for the yummy flavor and relief.  

VS with our competitors CBD from hemp tincture:

  1. Get dog
  2. Put on leash and collar as they will try to run once the yucky oil hits their mouth.
  3. As your partner to stop what they are doing so they can hold the dog while you attempt to aim droppers of oil into a squeamish dog.
  4. Wait for your partner to finish what they are doing – while the dog gets restless and thinks instead he is going for a walk.
  5. Partner holds the dog and you try to aim a dropper into his mouth.
  6. Dog shakes head and spits out yucky tasting oil, some of it landing on your sofa and blouse.


Adding CBD to Pet to Food

When you are offering food to your pet, add Relieve Plus or Calm hemp spray directly your pet’s food. The hemp spray will not change the taste of the food and it will surely be all consumed due to the yummy chicken flavor.

Offer CBD as Reward

Our Hemp Sprays taste so delicious that your pet will consider it a reward.  Whenever your dog does anything good, you can spray the hemp in the mouth for a delicious treat.  


Choose any of the ways mentioned above to provide the best wellness benefits to your pets for greater mobility and inflammation fighting or to reduce anxiety for a greater happier and healthy life.  You will never be wondering again how do I give CBD to my pet?