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How to Make My Dog Happy: 5 Secrets to a Happy Dog

Have you asked yourself is my dog happy?  Or, how do I make my dog happy?

Brown and white happy hound dog type running on grass with a tennis ball in his mouth.

Dogs seem like they are born to be happy and keeping them happy should not be a secret.  However, if your dog is suffering, in pain, experiencing anxiety and bored he may have his natural born happiness derailed.

Five tips to ensure your dog is happy

In short: you can make your dog happy by providing plenty of exercise, great dog nutrition, dog supplements and support, by fending off boredom and with plenty of love and affection.

Keeping Your Dog Happy Tip #1 Plenty of Exercise with You

Granted some dogs like to lie around and enjoy life’s pleasures from a couch or bed  and certainly most appreciate that at some point in their day, but the majority of dogs appreciate a little excitement and a walk each day (Even the laziest of dogs!)

Take Dozer, a Rat Terrier, and a Popular Pet.  He loves a lie in with his family but patiently waits for his morning and afternoon walks with them as well even though he could go outside and chase squirrels anytime he wants by himself.

Taking the time to interact with your dog and get him some well needed exercise with you will keep him healthy and happy.   Exercise in the form of a walk or learning a new sport is healthy but also great bonding time.

Not to mention that mobility is incredibly important to keeping senior dogs healthy!

Brown and white rat terrier sitting beside a child with the child's hand on his head.
Dozer loves bonding with his family and lots of exercise too!

Keeping Your Dog Happy Tip #2 Nutrition and Diet

We discuss dog nutrition and diet a lot on this site as it is a key component of dog health and therefore dog happiness too.

There is no getting around that when you provide your dog with a balanced clean diet and take care of calorie intake the risk of obesity-related disease will be reduced and general well being and health will be advanced.

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Large and Fat Senior dog black and brown lying in the sun panting.
One of the first recommendations a vet gives dogs is to manage their weight

Choosing a pet food can be very hard and complicated.  Susan Thixson an amazing pet food advocate has made this job easier with her wonderful content on her Truth About Pet Food site.

Nutrition and a healthy weight keep dogs happy.  Weight and quality pet foods support your dogs overall wellbeing in many ways, including, help with digestive issues, reducing allergies, increasing mobility and helping with joint pain.

Check out one of Susan Thixson’s guides on pet food labels.  The healthiest well supported dog is the happiest dog.

Learn more about Nutrition in an entire Chapter of Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s a tongue and cheek guide to navigating life with your dog and packed with nutrition information.

Keeping Your Dog Happy Tip #3 Supplements and Support

Supporting your pet with vitamins and certain supplements as they age as we discuss in our article on managing pets with arthritis is important.

Of course, we support our pets with Calm and Relieve – Plus CBD hemp spray all of the time.

If pets have anxiety it is reduced with Calm and we discuss how important reducing anxiety is for pets happiness and health here in our article on how to manage separation anxiety for the happiest pal. 

We also use Relieve Plus to fend off pain and inflammation to keep our pets happy as well as it does for pets like our senior dog Zooey as we describe here.  Your dog may need additional support to maintain its health and happiness and it is important to pay attention to your pet’s cues as to what supplements your pet may need.

Your dog may need supplements that help with dog separation anxiety, dog stress, dog joint pain, skin issues like itching or dog mobility.  Being in tune with your dog’s needs and providing supplements to address those needs is an important way to support your dog and keep him happy.

Brown and black dog under a orange, white and blue checked blanket with Calm and Relieve plus hemp CBD spray in the bottom right of the picture.

Some supplements we talk about in our articles include Turmeric for dogs, MSM for dogs, and Yucca for dogs.

Keeping Your Dog Happy Tip #4 Love and Affection

We love our dogs in part due to their ability to provide us with emotional support and our dog’s ability to support our mental health and make us happy . In return, our dogs need emotional support from us to stay happy and stress free.

As pack animals our dogs appreciate our love, care and attention.  We may get busy and leave out certain bonding activities but our dog still waits for us to be with them and needs our love to be the happiest dog ever.

Keeping Your Dog Happy Tip #5 Fend off Boredom

Boredom typically leads to chewing and destruction which can be frustrating for you and your dogs.

A pet left at home too long may let you know by chewing a best loved shoe or just be unhappy.  There are so many ways to fend off boredom here are some of our favorites:


Try some of these top tips today to keep your dog happy and healthy so you can both enjoy many more milestones together.  Have so me ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Dog FAQs

What are the signs of dogs being happy?

Your dog may show he is happy many ways including:
-Ears are relaxed and rest naturally against their head.
-Soft happy and relaxed gaze.
-Relaxed body with hair smoothly lying against body.
-Balanced energy ready for walks but can be calm as well.

Does my dog know I love him?

Dogs have an uncanny sense of awareness. If you show love and kindness they will know that you love them very much.

How do I tell my dog I love him?

You can show your dog you love which in dog world is telling him. Spending quality time bonding, trips to the park or cuddling. Dogs want and need attention due to their being pack animals so any kindness is telling them you love them.