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How to Relieve Dog Stress for a Happy Dog

Dogs are happy but some may experience stress and anxiety and it is important to learn how to spot stress and identify it so that you can learn how to relieve dog stress pronto to have the happiest dog

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. The causes of stress are exceedingly varied in both people and pets.  For instance having too much to do or for pets, meeting new pets, being left alone or even pain.  

To reduce stress levels, people and pets seek comfort like the solace of the company of a trusted friend or when occupied by routine chores like cleaning the house or exercise.  

For our dogs it is very similar. Since we know how stress makes us feel, we certainly want to help alleviate our dogs’s stress as well. However, it may be more difficult for us to read our dogs to then know how to relieve dog stress even if we have the most close connection with them.  The signs of anxiety and stress in dogs are often subtle. In fact, some stress-related behaviors mimic normal behaviors says Malcolm Weir, DVM, MSc, MPH

Here are some common signs of stress in dogs, the first step for learning how to relieve dog stress.

 If you see these signs the next step is to learn how to relieve dog stress.  Pertinent consistent stress in dogs, just like in people is not desirable and can have lasting effects.  For instance, if you are at the dog park and you notice that your dog is hiding and experiencing escape behavior, you should attempt to manage and relieve the stress so that it does not turn into a larger issue.  

Here are some top ways to relieve stress.  

One of our favorite and easy and quick ways to reduce stress is with Calm CBD hemp spray.  A few sprays of Calm provides a welcome sense of calm for dogs that are experiencing stress.  Calm is an innovative CBD hemp spray that is a combination of soothing terpenes and calming CBD.  It is chicken flavored and water soluble for easy delivery into the body. 

Looking for a way to relieve dog stress? 

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