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How To Throw a Dog a Bone: Throw a dog a bone meaning and tips and vet advice for giving your dog a bone safely

So you asked yourself how to throw a dog a bone? Or throw a dog a bone meaning? You may be thinking you have got it, you throw your dog a bone all the time.  But throwing a dog a bone may be something quite different. Read on to learn about the meaning of throwing a dog a bone, the expression, and real life throwing a dog a bone for dog lovers along with tips and vet advice for choosing the correct bones to keep your dog safe.  

What does it mean to throw a dog a bone?

Throwing a dog a bone means giving them (person or animal) a small reward or compliment or rather attempting to appease or placate someone by giving them something trivial or of minor importance or by doing some small favor for them. (A reference to giving a dog a bone or scrap from a bigger portion of food.)

But. . . for us dog lovers we really do throw our dog some bones or want to.


“My dog always seems hungry so I throw him a dog bone every now and again as I think he was just bored.”


The expression give someone a bone means do someone a small favor or give him or her a little reward. The reward might not be very big or special, especially to the person who gives it. But it can be really important to the person who receives it.


My wife is dog crazy but I have allergies so I threw her a bone and arranged for her to volunteer at the humane society every week while I watch the kids.  


While this is sweet, not really addresses the needs of a dog lover but it does count as throwing a bone, since this person is trying to placate their wife and when you throw a dog a bone, it makes that dog (or person) very happy. But it probably isn’t a big deal for you.  Really he likely enjoys playing with his children (even more so if they had a dog!)


Now that we have addressed the expression let’s get back to our popular pets and the real questions about throwing a dog a bone that are on our minds.  

Do we need to throw our dogs bones?

Dogs love to chew and according to the AKCbones are a good source of minerals and other nutrients and help satisfy your dog’s appetite. Chewing stimulates saliva enzymes and helps prevent plaque buildup on teeth and gum disease. And a dog chewing on a dog bone is less inclined to excessively scratch or lick his paws. Puppies that chew a bone will also be less inclined to chew your shoes, chairs, remote controls and arms.  

Do Vets Recommend that we throw our dog a bone?  Are bones safe for dogs?


Dr. Josh Linlee from Greencross Vets, acknowledges that there are plenty of risks associated with bones, but as long as dog owners are responsible with the way they give bones to their dog, there should be no problems.  He says that while many consider dogs and bones to be an inseparable pair, you should only give a dog a bone under certain circumstances.  Bones do have a risk but also benefits and risks can be reduced by selecting the correct type of bone, feeding thawed, larger bones ( no smaller than your pets head), and ensuring they have large knuckles on them.  

What bones can I give my dog?

Ideal bones for dogs are round bones with bulges or lumps at either end, like leg bones. Many other types of bones are easier for dogs to break with their bite, and are more likely to cause problems.

‘I don’t bother with chicken necks or chicken wings,’ says Dr Josh. ‘Not only do they have salmonella and E. coli, they are too soft to do any good. It’s good to get dogs used to having bones early on, but always under supervision. If you see any adverse effects, like diarrhoea or vomiting, your dog may not be a good candidate for having bones.’


What are alternatives to throwing your dog a bone?

There are plenty of alternatives to throwing a dog a real life bone that will keep him occupied and happy.  However, many alternatives will not have the healthy minerals that will come from chewing on a real bone procured from your butcher but you can add healthy stuffing to certain alternatives like the Kong Bone with our healthy Kong Stuffing Recipes.    

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