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How You and Your Dog Can Make Money on Instagram (Actually All Social Media)

Everyone has heard of Instafamous dogs meeting celebrities and carving out a full time career for them and the people that care and feed them. These are the Instafmaous dogs and they make money on Instagram and other social media platforms but how do they do it? Read on to learn how your adorable dog can make money on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Light brown dog with a harness on walking the red carpet.

Choose Your Social Media Platform for Your Dog

Before you get started on your path to making money on Instagram and other platforms you must choose your favorite social media platform among the popular social media platforms available. You will be far more successful if you choose a platform that you use and love.  If you don’t know check out What Social Media Platform Dog Quiz in our everything social media chapter in Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s.

It used to be if you love making videos, prioritize YouTube or TikTok, if you love sharing perfectly curated images, go with Instagram.  This advice has somewhat been revised to say even if you love video you can easily go with Instagram since reels is a video sharing platform.

Instagram for Dogs

With around 2 billion monthly active users, this photo-focused platform is an excellent place for you to find new followers for the amazing and adorable things your dog does. It’s easy to get noticed here, especially if you use reels with trending music and interesting or artistic content to share.

Bonus: since Instagram and Facebook are owned together planning and posting is easy for both at the same time.  Content needs to be slightly different but reusing content is an efficient way to get some eyeballs on your dog’s cuteness.

Tik Tok for Dogs

This platform also boasts approximately 1 billion users, and that’s a lot of eyes that you could train toward your dog’s amazingness.  TikTok has more searches than google last year so this is a pretty good place to start.

YouTube for Dogs

Many dog stars were born on YouTube and not just by creating tutorials.  With roughly 2.6 billion users, this is the ideal platform to showcase your dog.  Some famous dogs, do sports, do household chores and more!

Four Ways Your Dog Can Make Money on Instagram and Other Social Media Platforms

After you choose a platform and start to post some scroll stopping content, your adorable will start to slowly build a following.  After that the possibilities open up for your dog to make money on Instagram, here is four ways your dog can make money on social media.

1. Affiliate marketing

Dog wearing sunglasses posing for photo lying in the grass in the sunshine.
After you start posting and getting some views you can start to think of making money.

Does your dog only eat a particular type of subscription dog food? Do you only use a particular animal communicator to tend to his every need? As Linktree, a useful tool for any social media fan says, through affiliate marketing, brands pay you to use your expertise and reach out to show your followers why their products are useful.  Your dogfluencer marketing helps companies reach their target audience, other dog lovers, so you and your dog are providing them with valuable service via this partnership.

Like if your senior dog loves a senior dog essential and it helps you, drop the company and note and let them know you would be interested in becoming an affiliate.

Find affiliate opportunities online like in this article of 46 Pet Affiliates from Empire Flippers for some ideas and to find products that your dog loves.  Once you find an affiliate, sign up and start posting genuine posts about your dogs love of their product.  Use the link you create in your bio so that when your dog’s followers click through to purchase you receive a commission.  These commissions are small but the more you grow the more click throughs will occur adding to the money your dog can make on Instagram.

Bonus Tip:  Ask to try the dog product or at least be familiar with it so that your advice and use is authentic and your posts show the product in use.  

2. Sell Dog Products

That’s right, sell your own swag or create your own product!  Many dog companies with great followings sell their own wares see @bigdogs and many more that have created “merch” around their dog’s brand itself.

Whether you’re building a brand as a dog groomer or dog walker, there’s a way your dog can turn your talent into money.  You can use your dog’s social media platform to promote and sell items that would complement the brand you are creating.  You can print a few of your sayings on T-shirts, dog bandanas and more.

And then . . .drive traffic to your e-commerce site from your social media page and get some sales.  Try Printify for on demand swag sales.

3. Share Your Dog Expertise

If people love your dog training tips or dog photography, offer them a full course and show viewers worldwide how to take the perfect dog photo and get the best trained dog or even massage your dog, like the dog expert we interviewed on massage.

Not only is this a way to make consistent money aside from your services but those same course members will be part of of your pack and a highly engaged pack member, the most valuable.  To get inspired, browse dog courses on Udemy. 

Or share your dog knowledge in a book a tangible item you can sell to your new dog community.

4. Be a Dogfluencer

Even if you don’t see your dog as an influencer or don’t care that he is one, you can still make money on social media by having your dog help others promote their products for a small fee. Much like affiliate marketing but without the link you would be promoting third party products but instead of receiving a commission they will provide you with a flat fee for posting a certain amount of content with their product.

Brown and white dog getting a bath with shampoo that shows it could be branded.
You dog can be promoting a brand for money in daily fun shots that you post

Brand influencer opportunities may arise at as little as 3,000 engaged followers as a micro-influencer.  These are genuine followers and again your connection with the product should be genuine and the product is good quality as well.

For instance, my dog would never be an influencer for any of the products on my Worst Dog Tech List!

Getting Started on Instagram With Your Dog?

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So roll up your sleeves and start making money with your best furry friend and doing something you already love. Start by, of course building an authentic genuine audience and use one of these four ideas to build from there.

Make Money on Instagram with Your Dog FAQs

How do I make my dog successful on Instagram?

The most basic way to get your dog successful on Instagram is to post quality well curated content that is interesting, after that, remember that Instagram is a social media platform you need to spend time on it, understand the trends and share, like and follow others. This will cause them to notice you and also do the same.

How can I make money with my dog?

There are various ways to make money with your dog such as training him to be a service oriented dog like a scent dog or you can make money online. Making money online with your dog will require you to have a community of followers first which will require consistent high interest posting, after that you can be an affiliate, influencer, or sell swag.

Do pet Instagrams make money?

Pet Instagram accounts can make money but first you need a community that you develop consistently with good content, time on the app sharing, liking and following others and then you can make money in various ways. Get inspired by other Instafamous dogs to learn what it takes.

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