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Dog Shedding too Much? Try These 8 Ways to Manage Shedding and Fur from Fur Babies

If you answered YES! to is dog shedding too much? Then you like many dog lovers need these 8 ways to manage shedding and fur from fur babies. 

Dog hair on clothing seems to be the siren of pet lovers.  Shedding is perfectly normal among healthy dogs, they are simply dropping their old hair to make way for the new batch as part of their natural hair growth cycle.  But sometimes it seems that dog shedding is too much.  Dog shedding can wreak havoc on our homes, clothes, cars, and more.  Which causes some to seek dog shedding help.  So we gathered these top tips, dog shedding tool recommendations and dog shedding home remedies to manage the natural process of shedding.


First, it is difficult to know if your dog is shedding too much since there is not necessarily a shedding normal, advises Dr. Cruzen DVM.  The amount of shedding that is “normal” depends on the breed of a dog or cat and an array of variables including anatomy, physiology, and genetics.  Some dogs and cats are just heavy shedders, the length of hair is not necessarily a predictor of the amount of shedding as we can tell by Labradors, voracious dog shedders without long hair.  With these tips, you can at least get some dog shedding help.

1) Groom Regularly.  When you feel like you need dog shedding help a quick brush will do wonders.  Dogs’ coats will change with the seasons and to not only keep their coat healthy but to capture the dog fur you can use a handy dog shedding tool to facilitate the dog shedding so you do not have to otherwise find the dog hair on carpets and clothing.  Try brushing your pet once a day for not only bonding but increased circulation and health.  If you cannot get to it then regular stints at the pet groomer will also help considerably.  

  • 2) Dog Shedding Tools.  There has been a lot of innovation with respect to dog shedding tools which seem to all have been developed out of necessity to get you some dog shedding help so why not take advantage and get the best ones?  

    For a short-haired dog, we liked the Furliminator and think it will be a welcome addition to your grooming routine while for long-haired dogs we like the undercoat rake or the Furliminator for long-haired dogs.  

    We also really like tools that serve as alternatives to brushes like shedding blades or gloves, or curry combs for short-haired dogs as long as they are used gently.  Some of these these are inspired by the horse world and have proved successful in shedding out horses so why not try with your dog for some hedding help?


    3) Dog Shedding Home Remedies.  Various home remedies abound to stop shedding including adding apple cider vinegar to your pet’s diet in the following dosages:

    • 1 tsp for dogs up to 14 lbs
    • 2 tsp for dogs 15 to 34 lbs
    • 1 tbsp for dogs 35 to 84 lbs

    Apple cider has many health benefits for dogs and those that deal with dog shedding include serving as probiotic and assisting with creating a healthy gut biome just as in people.  A healthy gut has many benefits including an effect on natural shedding.  

    Apple cider has the added benefit of fending off fleas and ticks.  

  • 4) Nutritional Supplements for Dog Shedding.  If your dog is shedding too much it may be because of his diet.  A poor diet can increase dog shedding due to impurities in the ingredients that put additional stress on kidneys and liver resulting in shedding and other health issues along with having a poor balance of health oils that will result in a healthy coat to prevent your dog from shedding too much.  

    Some articles mention black strap molasses as a home remedy with a dosing of 1 teaspoon/10lbs daily. If your pet’s hair is healthy, then it’s less likely to fall out prematurely. If your dog or cat is deficient in some of the nutrients required for a healthy hair coat, then molasses can help with B vitamins, copper, iron, antioxidants.


    There are several other products on the market to stop shedding but most just contain a variety of omega oils and you can capture the same benefits by adding flax or fish oil to your pets food.  Some pet lovers also swear by biotin which we do not believe impacts shedding in an of itself but will support healthy hair as it grows.  

    5) Manage Dog Stress.  Stress in dogs, like people can be responsible for excess shedding.  According to VCA hospitals, show dogs that become nervous in the show ring often “blow their coat”. Dogs also shed a lot when in the veterinary clinic. Although less noticeable in outside settings, such as visiting a new dog park, shedding increases when a dog is anxious.


    Stressful situations maybe possible to avoid but we can assist our pets with managing stress by using natural products like Calm CBD Hemp Spray.  Our CBD Hemp spray for dogs is a breakthrough in helping to manage physical and dog anxiety and dog distress. This revolutionary formulation is nano hemp that is water-soluble hemp and combines our premium US grown premium Hemp with Natural Terpenes and best-of-class ingredients carefully selected for their organic, natural wellness benefits.  You can spray in your dogs mouth for a quick sense of calm or spray on a treat or food to make a calming CBD pet chew.  

6) Bathing.  I am not sure if you have ever noticed but a bath does facilitate a lot of hair loss.  Dead hair will come off in the bath which can provide dog shedding help as you won’t be cleaning it off of yourself or furniture.  


However, with baths keep in mind that natural and healthy shampoos are the best as artificial ingredients may cause irritation that is visibly present or not and cause greater hair loss.  


Also be sure to rinse dogs well.  Any soap left on the hair will also cause irritation.  Near then end of the bath dogs may be getting antsy which can be difficult but very worth riding it out to ensure that all soap is removed from the skin.  


Finally we are beach lovers and find the beach a welcome place to enjoy with our dogs.  At the same time be sure to wash all excess sand off of your pets so they do not have skin irritation and clogged follicles which will increase shedding.  

7) Choose the Correct Brush.  We talk a lot about brushes and the different types in our article on five top pet grooming tips since all dog brushes are not created equal and each has a particular job.  When seeking dog shedding help use the correct brush to get the most effect.  

8) Consider Fabrics and Materials in Your Home.  Dogs simply do not stop shedding, it is a natural function but you can get dog shedding help by choosing the correct fabrics for your home.  Leathers and microfibers will make is easier to clean furniture and hard floors as opposed to carpet will serve you well when trying to manage shedding.  


In our house we also try to pick clothes that match our dogs coat 🙂  




Unfortunately there is no getting around dog shedding.  Dog shedding is a natural process that cannot be eliminated but certainly controlled and made more manageable.  Dog shedding help does come in the form of home remedies, dog shedding nutritional supplements and just managing dog shedding with some good old home decor selections to make life easier when it does occur.