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Is Dog Soccer a Thing? How to Teach and Best Soccer Ball!

It is officially the time of year for soccer fever as we navigate through the world cup the largest soccer event in the world and the largest and most watched sporting event in the world.  For dog lovers, this begs the question is dog soccer a thing?  If so, is dog soccer good for dogs and what is the best soccer ball for my dog that is puncture proof?  We have the answers plus how to teach your dog soccer like the amazing pups below.

yellow lab playing soccer with a red and white ball on grass after learning to play soccer

Is Dog Soccer a Thing?

Yes, dog soccer is most surely a thing, just ask the Soccer Collies, a professional team out of Boca Raton, Florida of dog soccer players that play soccer at live events.  The Soccer Dogs are on a mission to connect the soccer world with the dog rescue world. As they say, soccer playing dogs have tremendous value to soccer lovers and their are huge demands and no supply of soccer-playing dogs, until now. A Soccer Dog Team is leading the way to help ball motivated rescue dogs to find a home in a soccer-loving family.

Like other dogs in our Amazing Dog series from Cadaver dogs to search and rescue dogs to dogs helping with environment protection, rescue dogs are the source of these dogs that add so much to our lives and, as in here, to our sporting lives.

These dogs on You Tube prove that soccer and dogs are a thing!

Are Soccer Balls Good For Dogs?

Yes, soccer balls are great for dogs!  Anytime you and your dog get exercise and enjoy something fun there are exceptional benefits.  Brain games like learning a new dog sport, water sport fun, or activity like soccer keeps dogs young and healthy and their owners too!

As we know from research related to senior dog care, longevity is one aspect of a dog’s life but quality of that life is also highly dependent on a dog brain that works well so that our companion can enjoy life to the fullest.  This is of utmost importance as we discuss in our Ultimate Guide to Dog Dementia as we are learning that the onset and prevalence of dog dementia is extremely high.

dog playing soccer with family on green grass - yes dog soccer is a thing

Learning new dog sports and playing games like soccer keeps dogs young and active and are great you too!

Pro tip: Use a soft soccer ball so as not to injure your dogs teeth.

How to Teach Your Dog to Play Soccer

The experts at Soccer Dogs, the professional soccer playing Collie team have laid out some steps to teach your dog how to play soccer, we have broken them down so that you and your dog will be playing soccer in now time.

  1. Start with a basketball because they have a hard time popping them although some can and will pop your basketball. Basketballs are hard on their teeth so graduate to a soft ball as soon as possible.
  2. Work with your dog in a hallway indoors because the ball goes forward and backward more than all over the place. Using an empty or near empty room to teach your dog soccer works great too.
  3. Stand in the doorway of your hallway or room and roll the ball to your soccer dog, the most important training objective is to get your dog to bring you back the soccer ball. Give your dog a lot of praise when they bring the soccer ball back to you, by pushing it.

Best Soccer Ball for Dogs

If you are training your dog to play soccer you may need a different ball than you need once your dog is actually trained.  Once your dog is trained they will no longer need as hard of a ball as they will use their body and nose to play with you rather than their teeth.

When the Soccer Collies find their dog at rescues they look for dogs that naturally want to push the ball from the beginning so that they learn faster.  If you have one of those your training time will be far shorter.

Here is our favorite choice for soccer balls for dogs:

green jolly ball best soccer indestructible soccer ball for dogs

The Jolly Soccer Ball from Indestructible Pets is a durable option that dogs can push with their nose and paws and won’t be tempted to chew as there is no squeaker. 

Other than this ball you can just use a regular soccer ball.

Bonus Tip: When getting active with your dog ensure that your dog has access to plenty of fresh water!


Enjoy world soccer fever with your dog and have fun teaching him soccer with some of these tips because yes, soccer is a dog thing!

Dog Soccer FAQs

Is there such a thing as dog soccer?

Yes, dog soccer is a thing and many dogs play it and have a lot of fun with their people. Dog soccer is a great way to keep dogs mind’s active and get exercise and a quick search on You Tube shows dogs are learning.

Do dogs like playing soccer?

It takes a certain dog to play soccer as it is a bit different from the common dog loved game of fetch. In soccer the dogs are not fetching but pushing the ball similar to Treibball another fun dog sport.

How do I teach my dog to play soccer?

Start with a basketball as they are harder to pop and a small room or hallway. Roll the ball and as your dog pushes is back which they are likely to do as they cannot get their mouth around it give them praise and call them.

What dog breed is best for soccer?

Any dog that has the inclination will be good but herding dogs make good soccer players and Treibball players which is a similar concept.

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