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Kong Toy Recipes for Anxiety; Keep Your Dog Happy and Calm

Wondering about what to stuff in your dog’s new kong toy?  Kong Toys are great for keeping dogs busy and occupied and fending off dog anxiety.  Try one of these kong toy recipes for anxiety.  


Although we love to treat our dogs to a calming CBD chew, giving dogs a kong toy filled with a homemade mixture of calming ingredients is even better for quelling dog anxiety.   Check out these Kong toy recipes especially helpful for dogs with anxiety and loved by our popular pets.

Dozer is really quite relaxed but when there is excitement and guests it is really helpful to have him remain calm.  We give him one a Kong toy stuffed with the ingredients of this Kong toy recipe.

Buster is fairly calm as well but as a large dog puppy when she is not it gets noticed.  Great Pyrenees, like Buster also get hot quickly and they tend to pant and pace, which are signs of being restless and anxious as well.  Buster appreciates a cool off with this refreshing kong toy recipe that keeps her cool and calm. 

All of our ingredients are easily available.  You can find Calm CBD Hemp Spray in our collections.  Calm is a high quality CBD from hemp product that is tested over four times for purity and has a yummy chicken flavor that dogs love.  No yucky oils that drip and make messes.  Added bonus Calm is fast absorbing with a great bioavailability than traditional hemp CBD tinctures for dogs due to it being water soluble.