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Nano CBD Guide: What is Nano Hemp for your dog?

Well we are with you not that nano hemp does not exist but by its nature, it is no longer an oil and therefore nano CBD oil is really not a thing, rather CBD oil can become one of many nano CBD products. Let us explain so that you can get you and your dog and cat the best possible CBD on the market using the latest in science and technology.

Calm and Relieve Plus CBD Hemp Spray dogs on a background of shaded hemp leaves.

Hemp Concentrates for Dogs

The concentrates that are derived from the hemp plant and the cannabis plant are valued since they are concentrated “CBD” or “THC” or any one of the others cannabinoids that are gaining popularity such as CBN, CBG (there are in fact over 300 cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants that appear in the concentrated are oils.)

In effect, the cannabinoids, like CBD molecules and CBD particles are processed to become concentrated oils.  Oils, as we know, do not disperse or dissolve in water as we have all seen when making our favorite oil and vinegar salad dressings.  When ingested this presents difficulty for our body and the bodies of our pets to optimally absorb them.

As a result, scientists and biochemists have come up with a way to have oils processed to become more bioavailable to our bodies with what is referred to as nanotechnology, sonification, or liposomal technology.

Hemp Concentrate and Bioavailability

All of these processes reduce the CBD particles into smaller forms of tiny particles and certain of these processes encapsulate them in a liposome. The nanotechnology processes in general allow for faster absorption in our and our pets digestive tract and make oil-based products more bioavailable. Essentially they allow for a greater ability of the once was CBD concentrate to enter the circulation when introduced into the body and so able to have a greater active effect on our endocannabinoid system.

The makers of prescription medications have focused on bioavailability for decades since it allows the drug administration to be the most efficient and effective.  These same processes and ideas are quickly becoming mainstream. A quick search on Amazon now reveals liposomal vitamin C, MCT oil reduced to be more absorbable and increase the bioavailability of the main ingredients, and various CBD waters which by their nature have to have been processed to be able to be mixed into water.

Traditional CBD oil or regular CBD hemp extract  commonly available in a CBD oil dropper is an oil concentrate. CBD manufacturers and CBD Producers then typically dilute the concentrate with olive oil, MCT, or Coconut Oil, and perhaps certain essential oils which are all still oil-based.

However, oil products that are meant to be ingested simply will not be as absorbable into the body (including the bodies of pets) without processing to increase their bioavailability.

The CBD industry in general and most CBD companies have not really addressed this since even with the popularity of CBD gummies the CBD itself is still not at the optimum bioavailability (and there are numerous artificial flavors and substances to make the CBD palatable).

We knew there was a better way and have worked with biochemists to discover and develop CBD nanotechnology for pets.

CBD Nanotechnology for Pets

Since our pets have the same mechanisms for absorbing oil-based products we have thoughtfully considered the various forms of hemp concentrate and the technologies available and have selected the particular form of hemp concentrate to provide the most superior potency and efficacy in our product offerings.

With Calm, anxiety-reducing Pet Spray and Relieve-Plus Pain relieving pet sprays for both cats and dogs we used nanotechnology to increase the absorption of CBD and terpenes in a water-soluble easily absorbable blend of CBD, terpenes and botanicals that are known to provide targeted relief.

We worked with a CBD brand to do a quality analysis of top growers to find the best available full-spectrum hemp concentrate grown and produced in the United States in accordance with the farm bill and we sought out technology to make it the most bio-available in order to more efficiently serve our pets.

That search revealed that full-spectrum, water soluble nano hemp concentrate was far superior for ingestible product applications.

What are the Benefits of Nano CBD? Why Broad Spectrum, Water Soluble hemp for ingestible products?

In short, more bioavailability. As we discussed, Bioavailability is the fraction or percent of the drug that reaches systemic circulation within the body where it can deliver the intended effects. For example, a drug taken intravenously is 100% bioavailable to the body as it has not gone through what is referred to as first pass metabolism but is directly delivered into systemic circulation. 

On the other hand, an oral medication will typically have to go through first pass metabolism, meaning that the drug needs to go through the lumen of the GI tract and then the hepatic vein which carries items to the liver and then gets to systemic circulation where it will finally be able to achieve its designed effects.

Since the liver is responsible for metabolizing the drug, much of the drug taken orally ends up being destroyed by the liver. A heavy first pass effect results in little of the drug getting into systemic circulation. A good example of a product with a heavy first pass effect is, as we discussed oil-based hemp concentrate and terpenes.

Estimates vary, but bioavailability is very low for cannabinoids and terpenes in general since they have a heavy first pass effect, and infused edible products are the worst. It has been determined that typically less than 20% of the cannabinoids taken in an edible reach systemic circulation.  Research indicates that this essentially means that the remainder of approximately 80% of the cannabinoids are not received into systemic circulation and, therefore, are not utilized by the body leaving many of the benefits of CBD on the table

To avoid the heavy first pass effect of orally administered CBD and terpenes, and to increase the bioavailability of CBD scientists have developed a proprietary process as part of the manufacturing process to turn oil-soluble cannabinoids into water-soluble cannabinoids. This is accomplished by coating or surrounding the molecules in water-loving particles via mixing, or other techniques, resulting in extremely small particles and a very reduced particle size and allowing the cannabinoids and terpenes to cross cell membranes easier to avoid the first-pass metabolism.

As a result, the bioavailability of hemp oil is far superior. Estimated at an increase of 10 times, meaning one can take far less of a water-soluble hemp concentrate which includes cannabinoids and terpenes, to get a greater effect.

Efficacy of Nano CBD for Dogs

In effect, with nano CBD technology, 10mg of cannabinoids would produce the same effect as 100mg worth of oil-based tinctures from our FDA and GMP-compliant process. The true manifestation of less equals more, allowing your pets to experience the benefits of CBD with a high-quality product.

Try some  Nano CBD Relieve Plus or Calm CBD for Dogs and Cats Today

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