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Tips to Celebrate Your Best Friend and Help Dogs in Need This National Dog Day

August 26th is National Dog Day 

The Popular Pets collaborated with Best Friends Animal Society to Offer Tips on How to Celebrate  Your Best Friend and Help Dogs in Need 


Doggie massage being performed on bulldog lying on back with his eyes closed

Dogs. They’re our exercise buddies, our travel partners, and quite often, our very best friends. And while most dog parents don’t need an excuse to celebrate their favorite four-legged companion, National Dog Day on August 26th is a perfect time.  National Dog Day is a day that was created by animal advocate Colleen Paige with the aim of raising awareness about adopting animals who are currently in rescue centers and celebrating the ones in our care.  National Dog Day provides yet another reason to really celebrate what makes that human-dog bond so very special and show our appreciation for them.   

Tips on How to Celebrate National Dog Day With Your Dog

To kick-start the day, Best Friends Animal Society in collaboration with The Popular Pets offers the following tips that any dog will be sure to appreciate:  


For the Beauty Hound:

Give your dog a spa day at the groomer with a luxurious bath and blowout.  Dog groomer appointments are sure to be filling up fast so nab one quick and if you can’t do that then check out our Five Top Grooming Tips You Will Be Glad You Know to Groom Your Dog at Home.

Doggie massage being performed on bulldog lying on back with his eyes closedYou can also take it to the next level with a doggie massage.  Find a course on Udemy to learn doggie massage to spoil your pup!


For The Doggie Social Butterfly:

Plan a play date at a local doggy daycare or take a trip to a local dog park or dog-friendly beach.  We absolutely love Carmel beach not only for watching our dogs explore one of the most dog-friendly and beautiful beaches in the world but to watch other dogs as well.  We have met the most diverse set of dogs ever at Carmel Beach.


If Carmel is not in your cards check out our other guide for the social butterfly dog beach experiences:


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For the Doggie Adventure Seeker: 

Great Pyrenees looking into the camera on a hiking trail surrounded by oak trees

Going for a hike would be Ruby’s choice!

Head to a fun spot for a long walk such as a beautiful mountain trail. 


Find suggestions in our guide:

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While you are out and about play a game of our doggie bingo with a free printable!



For the Sophisticate (AKA: Senior Dog):


Everyone knows we have a passion for the Senior set so National Dog Day is a great time as any other to take that Senior Dog out and dine al fresco at a restaurant that offers canine-friendly cuisine.


If you are more of a Brewery type check out our list of Dog-Friendly Breweries here 


Here are some of our other Senior Dog Resources Your Senior will appreciate:


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For the Doggie Gourmand:


Try making a barkcuterie board of all the tasty yet healthy things your dog will enjoy.  Although a Barcutuerie board is adorable there are a ton of less intimidating and enjoyable options as well such as a stuffed Kong, easy bake special baked treats, or a doggie snow cone!  

Dog charcuterie with bones, breadsticks, meat on it

Find more recipes:


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For the Supermodel:

Lady lying on the grass taking a photo of a dog that is on her stomachGo beyond the usual selfie and book a professional photography session for pictures that you’ll treasure forever.  We especially recommend this for Senior Dog Lovers!

If you need ideas to spice up your photos and get inspiration check out some other photo ideas:

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Or sign up for our email list from the tab on our main page to get 30 Dog Photo Props to add interest to your photos!




Use National Dog Day to Make a Difference


And for dog lovers who want to make a difference for homeless dogs all over the country, Best Friends recommends the following:  



Adopt Don’t Shop:


Consider adopting a dog from a local shelter or rescue, especially a large breed.

From huskies to shepherds, terriers to mutts, many shelters are at capacity with dogs over 40 pounds awaiting a second chance at a new life. 



Fostering is a great way to make a big impact in a short amount of time. You provide the home and the love, while shelters and rescues provide the food, supplies, medical care, and anything else you need while the dog is in your care.  




Spend time at a local shelter or rescue to walk and socialize dogs. The more exercise and care a dog has during their shelter stay can often mean the difference in behaviors that will help him or her find a potential adopter.  



Give to your favorite animal welfare organization. Check their website for donation links or wish lists that highlight the most needed supplies. 



Repost, share, Tweet. By spreading the word about a special dog in need on your social media channels you may help a dog find his/her home. Plus, you may inspire others to do it as well. 


 And check out Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s where we have a whole chapter on charitable giving for dog causes.  


To learn more or find a shelter near you, visit  or our Ultimate Guide to Senior Dog Rescues and Sanctuaries