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Old Dog Photos in the Old Faithful Gallery

close up picture of hound looking dog with a frame around him brown and white

I recently found a fantastic book called Old Faithful Dogs of a Certain Age highlighting wonderful photographs of senior dogs.  A project that was started by the author and dog photographer, Pete Thorne, developed into a project he desired to share outside of North America to increase the project’s audience, share more old dogs photos, and old dog stories, and perhaps help us to reassess society’s dismissal of elderly subject matter in favor of Youthfulness.  

Old Faithful Dog book close up with old dog photo on the coverAs Pete began to photograph senior dogs he realized that it was not that these older dogs needed more attention – it was that they commanded more attention.

Much like all of the senior dog rescues that we featured in our Ultimate Guide to Senior Dog Rescues, the stories around the dogs and the mission of each rescue were compelling.  

Pete noted that if there is one message that has resonated with everyone involved with his project, it’s that despite everything we are told, faces, like companionship, just get better with age.  

I thought it would be fun to build our own collection of Old faithful photos, old dog photos that show the grace, beauty, and heart of ‘mature’ dogs since, as Pete says, lives are written all over the faces of the dogs, a lifetime of digging, barking, loving, and being loved.  

Let’s celebrate senior dogs together and share your photo by submitting your pictures to our own “Old Faithful’ gallery and don’t forget to tell me all about your pet too, age, breed, personality, likes & dislikes, best friend, favorite toy/game/food, and why they are so special.

We cannot wait to hear from you!


Here is our Senior Zooey (find out more about her here) she is a 16 year old rescue that defines old faithful.  Even in her old and arthritic state Zooey she hates to be left at home or not be near her family.  She has devoted her life and her heart to her family comforting when sick, playing, travelling and more.

Senior mixed breed dog looking into camera brown and black color with a grey muzzle

Senior Dog Zooey

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