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Original Christmas Dog Holiday Poem: All about dogs! Use On Your Christmas Cards

It is time for Holiday cheer and not much else says holiday or Christmas cheer than an original Christmas dog poem.  Use this dog poem for Christmas card idea inspiration or steal the whole thing to use on your Christmas or Holiday cards all in the celebration of dogs!

Brown goldendoodle dog looking at camera in a santa hat with white blurred background as subject for dog Christmas poem


Christmas Dog Holiday Poem Celebrating the Love of Dogs


Ode to Our Dog at Christmas Time


white and brown dog in a red bow tie covered in snowAs Fall comes to an end,

It’s time to share Christmas with our furry friend.

He’ll run, jump, and play in the new season,

Giving Christmas cheer a whole new reason!


With the holidays, comes the special treats,

And all the jolly people on the snowy streets.

We’ll have one happy dog, in the snow he’ll dive in;

Can’t wait for Christmas to begin!


Small white dog on a couch with ears pricked in a tartan bow tie the subject of a Christmas dog poemWe add holiday cheer with a tartan bow tie or festive collar,

Pull out the camera for antler ear photos that make him holler.

We place him in front of the tree in hopes of getting that perfect shot,

While bright lights shine from behind until the perfect photo is got.


Stockings are hung with a special one just for him,

When he roots around to discover it, we all grin.

We lay out a doggie present for him to unwrap,

It proves a bit tricky, so we lift a wrapping flap.


All smiles as we cuddle on the couch with matching Christmas attire,

One more photo in front of the warm crackling fire.

The festivities seem to be all over in the blink of an eye,

but our hearts are warm as we stare down at those large paws and consider how time flies.