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Our Top 9 Dog Bucket List Items: Fun for You and Your Dog

You may have a senior dog that you fear is living out his last days or you simply want to put together a fun list of dog bucket list aspirational items that you and your dog may enjoy as you move through life together.


Either way it is a fun exercise and one that should get you thinking about what your sporty pal really enjoys so that you can do more of it and put it all in a dog bucket list! 


What is a bucket list?


A bucket list is a list of the experiences or achievements that a person or a dog 🙂 hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.  A bucket list contains a list of itemized goals that people and their furry friends want to accomplish before they “kick the bucket” — or die. 


Most people (and dogs) appreciate having a bucket list filled with hopes and aspirations and it is thought that the mere act of making a bucket list allows us to reflect on our values and goals, and identify important milestones and experiences that we want to have in our lifetime and in our case, experiences that we want to ensure that our dogs have in their lifetime, says Stanford Health.



Is a bucket list used only in the context of death?


Traditionally, a bucket list was thought of in the context of death as people got more contemplative about their accomplishments and desires but now that is certainly not the case. 


Popularized by the movie the Bucket List which did have to do with accomplishments prior to death, the bucket list has now become a way to denote a list of things one wants to accomplish before a specific event in their lives. 


A bucket list is a fun thing to put together for our dogs as it is a great way to tap into and consider their ultimate desires (which likely include you) and that you can experience together.  

Here are our top dog bucket list items:


An entire day at Carmel Beach complete with a walk from one end to the other.  


We all know that Carmel beach tops our best dog beach list so we would of course put this on the dog bucket list as not everyone can enjoy their day with their pup on Carmel beach.  

We feature Carmel Beach in our top beaches for dogs because not only is the views stunning but dogs are perpetually happy here.  

When you are done with your beach walk stop in to the Forge for some dog friendly eats.  You can make reservations at the Forge through a fun site for all dog friendly venue reservations.

Here is a listing of all pet services in the Carmel, CA as you may also require a post beach bath or stay to make your day complete.

A lazy afternoon on the couch snuggling


This may not top the list for very active dogs but even our rat terrier Dozer who is incredibly active appreciates a good long cuddle every once in a while.  

An off leash hike on a dog friendly trail with lots of yummy scents and smells to enjoy.

If it is one thing about leashes your dog can never take in the aroma when stopping and sniffing as much as they really want.  An off leash hike allows him to just enjoy all of the smells of other dogs and nature and not cause you to stand over him tugging.  

We think this would top our dogs list but also our own!   Check out our list of dog friendly parks.

Special Dog Cake with Special CBD Infused Icing

We of course love to celebrate everything Girthday or Gotcha day with our pets an have prepared recipes and printables for that special day. 

One of our favorites is our dog birthday cake complete with CBD infused icing.  Easily infused with our Calm CBD hemp spray for ultimate relaxation and allows your pet to settle in to the enjoyment of the party.


Calm Hemp CBD Spray 

We love the thought of Calm Hemp CBD Spray being a regular part of you and your pets wellness routine so much that we have included it in our dog bucket list.  Many dogs would proper with Calm CBD hemp spray or Relieve Plus CBD Hemp Spray being added to their routine so why not include it on the ultimate list?

Doggie Toy Treat Extravaganza

There are several dog subscription services like Bark Box that provide an awesome selection of toys for your dog.  When that delivery person comes to the door it is doggie heaven!

It is not just the dog toy subscription box that is fun but letting them have their pick which may be a bit overwhelming.  

Learn Something New and Fun!

Tricks, sports and accomplishments are not only a fun way to bond with your pet that they appreciate but can provide an awesome outlet for exercise and enjoyment for them.  You will automatically be outside enjoying exercise and the confidence that comes with learning a new skill or sport. 

Learn how to teach your dog frisbee with this handy guide and top sports to do with your dog for fun and bonding.

Check our new book Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s for more sporty ideas to teach your dog.  

Bake Favorite Cookies and Eat Too Many

Cookies, cookies, we have created many simply recipes for cookies from CBD chewable cookies and more.  When you make your own dog treats you can be in control of the ingredients and ensure they are the healthiest plus you can make as many as you want!  

Let your pup go wild with a baking day with his favorite dog treat recipe.  

Go to a Cool Brewery and Sit in a Booth 

Bottoms up with your pal?  What fun.  There are more and more dog friendly breweries that ensure that you can enjoy the day with your friend.  Some like the Trackside Beer Garden from Kulshan brewiing in Bellingham,  Washington have large grassy areas for your dog.  Perfect to enjoy a cold one and have them enjoy a romp.  Together time!

If you are in the Austin area check out @herboozytails a top guide to all things dog-friendly, a gorgeous IG feed filled with fun tips and bars and breweries to enjoy with your furry pals.  

Have an idea for a dog bucket list item?  Drop us a note below and we can add to our list!