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5 Senior Dog Essentials: Products for Senior Dogs We Love

Older dog with gray hair around its muzzle that looks like a chocolate lab

Having a senior dog can be challenging, we worry about their health and care in our quest to keep our senior dogs happy, and comfortable and to live longer and thrive while doing it.   The good news is there are a few senior dog pet products that can support you as you navigate life with your senior dog, products for senior dogs and senior dog essentials that we have found makes care for your senior a little bit easier and in turn, are products for older dogs that really do contribute to the happiness of our senior dogs.  

Senior Dog Essentials: 5 Senior dog Products to Love

Senior Dog Grooming and Nail Care


Electric dog nail trimmer on white background

Electric pet nail trimmer

One important issue with senior dogs is grooming, in particular, nail care.  Nail care and trimming should typically be done every 4-6 weeks, however, I have noticed that with my senior dogs since they are not as active nails get longer more quickly.  Which means that a senior dog’s nails need attention to ensure that senior dog mobility is preserved.  As nails grow they can affect the way your dogs move and if not tended to can ultimately affect mobility.  Ensuring that your dog continues to be comfortable and mobile is critical for senior dogs.  


brown dog on tile floor getting its nail trimmed with an electric dog nail trimmer

Zooey getting a nail trim with an electric nail trimmer

This electric dog nail trimmer is a rechargeable dog nail trimmer and is one easy senior dog product we love.  This makes trimming dogs’ nails an honest breeze and easily checks nail trimming, which I used to dread, off of my checklist.  


Nail trimmers like these can be found on Amazon



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Senior Dog Brain Games


You may have heard the old adage use it or lose it, well that is also true for senior dog brains.  An astounding number of senior dogs develop dog dementia and dog dementia can be staved off by keeping our dog’s brains active.  


It may be tempting to let not as-active seniors sleep a little more as they start to engage with the family less which is why we appreciate having a tool to have a little fun with our seniors and keep their mind working at the same time.  


Purple kong toy for senior dogs

This Kong Toy is specifically made for senior dogs

German shepherd chewing on a kong toy while lying on cementWe can keep our senior dog’s brains active by visiting new places, playing and with senior dog brain games but to help us in this endeavor we love, and think the Kong Senior Dog Toy, is an important senior dog essential and an easy way to keep senior dogs brains active. 


Pair the Dog Kong with one of Kong Recipes to Keep Your Dog Happy and Calm 


Senior Dog Mobility


According to veterinarians keeping your dog active and mobile is one of the largest contributors to health and comfort.  Mobility not only staves off obesity which contributes to diabetes and heart disease in senior pet populations, which senior dogs are already susceptible to but dogs that are active and mobile also engage more and keep an active mind.  


Plus, if a dog does have mobility issues they are also likely to have pain and discomfort.  Keeping our seniors active is a top priority for us which is why we keep Relieve Plus dog hemp spray as a consistent part of our senior dog’s wellness regimen.  Relieve Plus hemp spray is easy!  We use 5 sprays a day of Relieve Plus dog hemp spray directly in our senior dogs Zooey’s mouth for incredible gains in her mobility and comfort.  Relieve Plus dog hemp spray is one senior dog product we love!


You can find Relieve Plus dog hemp spray here and in our at times in our Dog Mystery Mobility Box which is jam-packed with more mobility products we love!

Relieve Plus

Relieve Plus Hemp spray for Dogs can easily be added to your dog’s wellness routine


Senior Dog Stability


A common issue for senior dogs is that they lose muscle tone which also causes them to be less stable.  As a result, traction on slippery floors remains a challenge for senior dogs and slipping can cause a strain and lack of comfort for your dog.  An easy solution is to throw down some yoga mats.  This is why we consider Yoga mats an essential product for older dogs.  They can be cut, laid on slippery floors as is, or used wherever your dog needs extra grip.


Find yoga mats on Amazon here.  


Shaggy grey dog sitting on a black yoga matt Infront of a wood paneled wall

Yoga mat’s make excellent non-slip surfaces for senior dogs

Dog Eating in Comfort


I was listening to a podcast the other day when Vet Dr. Tarantino was describing a case that came into her clinic of a senior dog that was refusing to eat.  They checked his teeth and performed an exam and in the end, the senior dog’s refusal to eat had to do with neck and back pain.  A solution to head off these issues and also prevent slippage while your senior eats is a dog bowl that is off of the ground.  A heightened dog bowl is especially necessary with larger senior dogs.  


The most common places for senior dogs to get arthritis (which a majority of senior dogs have) are in the back and neck, and knees.  Ensure your senior dog is eating comfortably by using a senior dog essential product like a raised bowl system.  


We love this one here from

Raised dog food bowl pine and marble with stainless steel bowls

There are many other senior dog products we love and find helpful when caring for our senior dogs.  A comfortable dog bed is also an  essential senior dog product.  The senior dog essentials we mentioned above may not be readily top of mind so we thought they were worth a special mention and they have definitely added to the comfort of our own senior dog, Zooey.  


As always, we hope you are enjoying all of the years with your senior dog!