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5 Pumpkin Patch Dog Photo Ideas to Steal

two corgi dogs in a field standing beside each other and standing beside pumpkins

It is that time of year, you are in the throws of selecting your favorite dog costume and now it is time for a visit to your favorite dog friendly pumpkin patch for some dog photo ops and fun! If you, like us, need some inspiration to get the perfect pumpkin patch dog photo read on.  You will be sure to capture that perfect pumpkin patch dog photo with some of these ideas and dog photo tips.

Pumpkin Patch Dog Photo Inspiration


Golden retriever light in color sitting and looking into the camera surrounded by pumpkins


@thegoldentwo scored a cute pumpkin patch dog photo and not just due to the adorable golden retriever that seems to be able to smile also by using the angle and position of the dog looking up and surrounded by pumpkins.  The position of the photographer overhead created a fun frame for the photo.

Also notice the way the light hits this pup evenly and the focus is on the dog.  The pumpkins are a bit blurry in the background as the dog is the focal point.  You can capture this same shot with your adorable dog.






pumpkin in a field in front of a black and white dog with its head turned


@arnpriorfarm working sheep farm showed some great pumpkin perspective when photographing one of their working dogs in their pumpkin patch.  They are showing off their dog friendly pumpkin patch with a great photo that you can easily duplicate.

Even though the dog has its head turned the interest of the pumpkin and unique perspective makes this a great shot.  The pumpkin is centered in front of the dog and takes up the bottom third of the frame.

Unfortunately to give this dog friendly pumpkin patch a visit you have to travel all the way to Scotland.




Golden Retriever standing in a pumkin patch with a dog bandana on @thegoldentwo provides another example of a pumpkin patch dog photo which is equally adorable as the others and again, of course due to the dog subject matter, but also due to the addition of a fall bandana and a change of perspective.

Note this dog is standing slightly behind a pumpkin that adds to the fall theme but does not overtake the shot leaving room for the adorable dog subject, pumpkins in the background.  The photographer has also bent down to be on level with the dog.

We love good photo props to add interest to any photo (check out our 30 dog photo prop ideas at the link on our home page.)

Also stay tuned for our Celebrate Senior Box Launch which will have a seasonally themed dog bandana in each box.


two dogs standing on a pumpkin one brown and one black and white



Farley and Jaxx of @adventures_of_farleyandjaxx may be more well trained than your pups (certainly mine!) but they offer us a fun idea and something to aspire to.  I do not believe I could get one of my dogs standing on a pumpkin while I took a picture let alone two but aren’t they handsome!

Give this one a try on your next visit to the pumpkin patch and you will have a memory to cherish.




husky dog staring into the camera with mouth open with a pumpkin between his legs

Sidewalk Dog Blog

We found this adorable pumpkin patch dog picture at the Sidewalk Dog Blog  in their article on 6 Friendly Dog Pumpkin Patches in Washington.  Not only did this photo grab our attention due to the adorable husky which seems to be smiling but also because he seems to be holding a pumpkin he picked out himself!

Play around with where your dogs sits in relation to the pumpkins like this dog photographer did here.





Top Tips for Pumpkin Patch Dog Photos

  • Arrange the pumpkin in different spots relative to your dog.
  • Change your perspective take pictures from above or down low an wide.
  • Change the variety of the pumpkin, all of our pumpkin patch dog photos examples are with orange pumpkin but don’t forget to add interest to your photos with unique varieties.
  • Use photo props like bandanas, fall wear or fall collars to add additional interest.
  • Add a costume or Halloween or Fall flare check out our article 15 Dog Costumes for Dogs that Hate Costumes for ideas.
  • Steal some more ideas from our article 7 Photo Ideas for the Camera Shy Pup

Finally, have fun, enjoy your fall festivities and don’t forget to reward the star of the show with a pumpkin treat or two.

Now it is time to share those adorable pictures on social media check out 19 Autumn Dog Instagram Captions you can steal from our article and pair that cute dog pumpkin patch photo with a engaging caption.