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Senior Dog Accounts on Instagram We Love

While many find it difficult to resist the adorable allure of a puppy, living life in the company of a senior dog is an experience most people don’t realize they’re missing out on. With these well curated senior dog Instagram accounts you may think twice and welcome a loving senior dog into your life and starting posting your own senior dog Instagram photos.  

Senior dog small and brown with graying muzzle on a cozy plush dog bed

Senior dogs are the best of dogs times two.  They are loving, loyal and not short on laughs, these grateful gals and gents still have so much to give. They do have their challenges with certain health issues prevalent in senior dogs and senior dog care needs so it is even more special to scroll through Instagram and find beautiful senior dog accounts. I especially love to see this wonderful side of senior dogs that often gets overlooked.   Added bonus: your shoes, rugs or rolls of toilet paper, have a way better chance of staying intact.

Because no dog deserves to spend their last days in the cold confines of a cage and senior dogs typically make up the largest population of dog rescues, we wanted to share with you just how much senior dogs have to give with these wonderful Instagram accounts that we thought portrayed just that! 

5 Senior Dog Instagram Accounts to Love


Senior dog small and brown with graying muzzle on a cozy plush dog bed.

Is the cute account of a small group of senior dogs with an amazing 149k following and for good reason.  The daily goings on of Tammy Faye Barker, Chloe, Kimchi, and Cupid. We hope you will love exploring the lives of these senior dogs as much as we do and then of course, go and adopt one just like them!


A Put bull dog that is gray and white is sitting on the couch facing the cameras.

The Dodo reported that Jenny M. never has to guess what’s on her dog’s mind. “Senior dogs know who they are. They have likes and dislikes and they quickly tell you, making our job to enrich their lives an easy one.” says Jenny For her 10-year-old pit bull Lexy (@lexy_the_elderbull), that means lots of sweet snuggling. “I love that she likes to be close. She rests her paw in my hand when we watch TV and shares my pillow when we sleep,” she says. While always an advocate for adoption, this lucky dog mama has a sweet spot for the seniors. “I think senior rescues are even more special. I believe they know how lucky they are to have been given a second chance.”


Middle sized dog that was brown has heavily grayed muzzle has a kerchief.

Is the reel filled loved Instagram account of five lucky seniors Feat, Millie, Teddy, and Gus and other current fosters.  This is a sweet account of caring and loving senior dogs.


Black senior dog with a grey muzzle staring into the camera with a worried look.

We were so happy to see that this lovable senior dog Instagram account has 79.3 followers at this writing.  We love that senior dog lovers are following precious senior dogs on IG and learning about the love a senior dog can give.  


6 small senior dogs of all different breeds sitting on a sofa in a line.

You may have seen the wonderful story in the New Yorker about Steve Grieg and his fluctuating pack of senior dogs accompanied by wonderful photography.  If not check it out the wonderful story of Steve Grieg and his senior rescues in the New Yorker. This dog Instagram account is jam packed with fabulous photos of the many seniors that grace Steve’s life along with a Turkey and a pig.  Simply joyous!  

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